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Posted by Steve on December 18, 2001 at 12:53:24:

In Reply to: Re: Turn him in! posted by The facts on December 18, 2001 at 11:19:47:

Mike,I fish 200 days a year,as do my 2 partners, that is 3 people on the water and I can guarantee law enforcement over one time in those 600 days.Poaching is rampant on Weiss Lake as it is on Neely Henry & Guntersville.Poachers are thieves! I personally called the game wardens 27 times this past spring and at no time did they ever even show up.They are supposed to log in with the sheriff's dept. and make themselves available thru the sheriff's dept and that is a joke.I have gone so far as calling Montgomery and try to get them to get in touch with the local game warden or water patrol.The hot-line number they give out, they won't even answer 1/2 the time.Poaching is so bad on these lakes, they bring short fish into the docks and stand there and filet them because the know there is no enforcement.I have been checked 1 time in 13 years.If you think there is not a problem then you should get your head out of the sand because soon or later we will pay and there will be no resources left.I was on Logan Martin last year guiding for Alabama Power. I put the boat in the water and immediately saw dead and dying stripe.It was a massive kill every place I went on that lake.I talked to all the marina's on the water.All of them were complaining.I called Dan Catchings with the State and he did not know anything about it. Why? Because the game wardens were not even on the water to see the problem.Dan Catchings immediately went to the lake and got dead and dying fish and sent them to Auburn.The tests revealed lack of oxygen due to the drought.As far as biologists go, I have called them several times on illegal dumping from the Rome paper plant and they show up immediately.Their budget is so tight that I have to take them out in my boat. I do my part.What have you done lately? How many days have you spent on the water using your gas and you equipment at no charge to help the biologists and try to help the lakes?I believe I know the answer before I ask it.Our local water patrol stores their boats at the Hawg's Den and I go by there at least 4 times a week and guess what? They are on the trailer in the morning and the evening.They refuse to check creel limits,size limits and fishing licenses.They say it's not their job.The only thing they check is fire extinguishers and life jackets.As far as I am personally concerned they are absolutely worthless.Centre AL went so far as to have a town meeting over this problem.Mr. Sammy Ransum is the so-called supervisor of DNR on this lake. He stood up at this meeting and talked about how many hour the spent on the water. I listened to about as much as I could stand, I stood up and point blank told him that I use more gas in my weedeater than the six of them use in their boats combined.I went to the sheriff and tried to get his people to do occasional check at boat ramps.The sheriff told me that he just does not have the resources to do that and I believe him.I do not have the answers to the problem but I can tell you this much, when you hire somebody and you pay them X number of dollars and you tell them "hey, fill out this paper once a week and tell me what you did and I will pay you", you can bet the paperwork will get there and so will their checks.Sincerely, Steve,Butch & Harry Weiss Lake Guide Service

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