Courage and Hope!

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Posted by Alex on December 11, 2001 at 08:10:04:

Courage and Hope
By Alex

As we go about our everyday lives and push away from the hatred, we
find ourselves in solitude and peacefulness. Every moment, we sence that
our everyday lives will be simple and true. Worries lost in among the
quietness of peace.

Times change as people often do, but in the end all will overcome the
tribulations that have been set forth in front of us. As a whole we must find the
pride and courage to make a stand and overcome. The simple things of life are
the most cherished.

There are times when we look for the answers and never find the solutions.
Dreams are taken away from us when life is at it's highest. Fairness is not
always a part of us. Hope is always on the horizon. Keeping an open mind
is not easy but we must all overcome.

Taking time to rembember the lost, we will never forget. For those who are
gone, will always be remembered in a way that cannot be removed from our
souls. The senselessness of the attack can only be preceived as a strike
against our spirit and our own will.

As a whole, we will stand high and be strong. We will cherish the moments
and continue to live on what we call freedom. We see the stripes of red and
white and realize what they stand for. We will look over our shoulders and
remember those who were lost. Forever, stars will shine above our heads.

Pray for the loved ones and those who now only have memories to live on.
Keep in mind that when all is said, as a nation, the people and their hearts
will always remain. Our nation will strive to accomplish its tasks and until
the end, show that our freedom is not to be taken from a nation who lives on.

On September 11, 2001 we lost family and freinds. Our lives were changed in a way
that can never be accepted. I ask today, to take time to remember those who
were lost. Pray for the loved ones and their families.

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