Wheeler stripe (possible line class record???)

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Posted by Kerry Grissett on December 05, 2001 at 21:00:20:

I got the boat out monday and today to look for crappie with almost no luck.

Monday I put in at the ramp near the sewage plant on Hwy 20 in Decatur at about 1:30pm. I tried the state docks for crappie but only caught a few small bluegill. On the way back to the ramp I decided to stop behind Solutia (Monsanto) and try where they discharge water. On my first cast I caught an approx. 15# hybrid stripe! This was on 6#test using a 16th oz. jighead with a crystal shad bass assassin. On the second or third cast I caught another monster which was about 20# give or take.

Now, I rarely fish for stripe anymore (ever since I ate my first crappie), so I didn't even have a clue that this one might be a line class record! I'm still not sure if it would have been, but I didn't have any witnesses and released both of these big fish. I continued to catch hybrids in the 5-10# range for about an hour and a half before I thought to call a friend and see if he was interested in having me keep some for him. He said he wanted them, so I started keeping them and could only get 4-6# fish from there on. I think I caught about 40 or more really nice hybrids and one saltwater stripe altogether and took home 6 of the 4-6 pounders for my friend.

Today I put out at a little after daylight and caught another 6 hybrids. All in the 4-6# range. Gave these to an older gentleman on the bank who very much appreciated the windfall. (grin) I don't know if the big stripe will be there tomorrow since TVA is dropping Wheeler VERY fast! It dropped about a foot today and is supposed to drop another foot by midnight tomorrow.

I know this may restart the controversy, but for those who don't think these big stripe eat anything other than shad the approx. 15# hybrid on monday spit up 2 crappie about 5 or 6 inches long and one of the 8-10 pounders spit up a 7 inch long yellow perch. I asked my friend to examine the stomach contents of the fish I gave him. I'll post about that if he remembers to do it.

In any case my left arm is sore from landing the big stripe on light tackle and I am ready to find the crappie and scratch my itch!!! (grin)

Good luck and good fishin'


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