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Posted by Kerry Grissett on November 13, 2001 at 20:10:19:

In Reply to: guntersville crappie fishing posted by ron on November 13, 2001 at 15:50:00:

"Tightline" is just my way of saying that I am not using a cork.

When fishing a drop off I prefer to cast from the deeper water towards the shallower water and let the jig (bass assassins or any other jig) fall along the drop off lifting and feeling the jig along the way. Sometimes giving it a sharp snap and letting it continue to fall. The trick is to watch the line VERY closely. You will not always feel the hit. Often you will only know there is a hit when you see the line either jump slightly or simply go slack. It takes practice, but you have to set the hook quickly when you sense a hit or the crappie might spit it out.

Fishing from the bank is a little harder since you have to try and let the jig fall at the deeper end of the drop off (in most cases) and work it back up slowly. Getting snagged is more likely in this case. In either case using a count "thousand one, thousand two", etc. is very helpful in determining how long to let the jig fall before starting to work it. If the fish are really in a hitting mode they will take it as it is first falling and you don't get a chance to work it at all.

When I fish structure tightline, I either vertical jig or cast towards a laydown and try to let the jig follow the tree from the shallow end (usually the root end of the tree) out into the deeper water. This is much the same as when fishing deep drop offs but you have to work it VERY slowly and no quick snaps. Otherwise you will get snagged much more frequently. Around structure such as laydowns the hit is usually harder and I usually feel it, but here again you have to watch the line like a hawk. One more note. The last trip to Guntersville my partner caught far more fish than I did whether on jigs or minnows. The only big difference we could come up with was that I was using 6# test and he was using 4# test line. Although there could be something else going on, I am going to try switching to 4# test and see if I do any better.

Good luck and good fishin"


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