TVA dam restrictions

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Posted by TroyJ on November 07, 2001 at 09:14:50:

I heard a rumor that they may extend the no-float-zone to 500 yards above and below. Again, just a rumor, but as crazy as people are these days, I wouldn't be surprised. Alan Clemons has an article/commentary in todays Huntsville times regarding the issue. I hear several lakes have been closed all together in Texas because they have nuke plant on them.

While the restrictions so far will not impact my fishing much, if at all, my opinion is that the restrictions are ignorant, knee-jerk reactions based on hysteria. Maybe it's a way for them to get into some of that free federal money. The fact is, that restricting fishermen from using OUR waters is helping the terrorists win. We all know that if a terrorist wanted to blow the dam, he ain't going to stop at no bouys, or, he's going to drive one of those big trucks I see everyday going over the dam, park it over the powerhouse and set it off. Next thing you know, we won't be able to cross the river without search and seizure!

Sorry for the vent, but I think some of the over-reaction that causes us to become further restricted in our own Country is unwarranted. Fishermen pose absolutly zero threat to those dams.

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