Weiss Lake Fishing Report for 10-31-2001

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Posted by Weiss Lake Guide Service on October 31, 2001 at 19:27:43:

DATE: 10-31-01
SURFACE TEMP: 63.1 in am - 65.2 in pm

CRAPPIE:I fished the 24th on the front side of a big cold front and limited out."Who can figure". The second boat had 35. They
fished on their own Thursday the 25th for 13 out of one boat and 6 fish out of the other on the back side of the cold front in 35 mph
winds.The were pretty disgusted! The weather is starting to calm down now and stabilize but, Alabama Power has jerked 14" of
water out of this lake in 2 days.This is not good. I will be fishing on Thursday and will post another fishing report then. Unfortunately
I do not think we are going to like it.

BASS: Slow since the cold front but they should start feeding up again now that the weather is stable and they need to feed up for

STRIPE: I saw a big stripe jump on Wednesday in Yancy's Bend. I didn't fish for them but some of them looked to be 25-30 lbs.
There was probably 500 yards of them. Saw the birds working east of the Hawg's Den at mile marker 41 in the shallow flat.The big
jump I saw was at mile marker 47 - 51. Stripe fishing is just going to get better and better.

CATFISH:Come and get them! Help yourself.Cut bait, trot lines, jug fishing and chartreuse dynamite!

For you Ranger boat owners who carried around a 4-way lug wrench like I did you are flapping.Use a 13/16th ratchet and socket.Now
as I said 2 fishing reports ago, I was going to try to see if I could tow my boat on three tires and with some redneck engineering it
can be done.Whether you have a flat or bearing seizure you can jack up the one axle, chain that axle to the frame with about a 3
foot chain with a hook on both ends and you are good to go, (unless your other tire is wore slap out. This will get you off the
interstate and to a repair shop that is reasonably close.Slow speed is highly recommended.Because everyone wants to sue
everybody this is just my opinion and it works for me.For your single axle trailers you are out there flapping! You ought to figure out
a way to get it off the road and I am afraid I am not a lot of help. But, you should be able to put a dolly under your one wheel and
chain the dolly to the frame and this should work.But, if you do not have a chain I can guarantee the wrecker driver won't either.
To a more serious side (if it can get more serious) this lake lake is almost 4 foot LOW! It is dangerous at full pool. If you get out of
the channel you best be idling! There are road beds, rock piles and stop rows from one end to the other.Be VERY CAREFUL or we
may have a 1/3 off prop sale. This lake should be at its lowest January 1st. You need to put your boat in the water and come look at
what is out there.You will be amazed at what you see! Take notes or do a video and it will improve your crappie fishing or bass
fishing tremendously. There is no substitute for time on the water. If you get down here and get into trouble with your boat or motor
do not hesitate to call me.I will make sure that you are treated right and not taken to the cleaners.Or if you get stranded and no one
will help you just call me (most everyone has a cell now). If I am not at home I have my home phone swapped to my cell.If you
need help on lodging that is reasonable and clean I am glad to help. If the word "fish camp" is in it run don't walk! If there is a party
of 5 or more, call me I know of several homes on the water that would be much cheaper than a motel and much more convient at a
very reasonable price. A lot of you call me and the first thing you say is "I hate to bother you", but, you are not bothering me.I am
here to help you, this is my business. I believe in what goes around comes around. Good Fishing, Good Health and Have A Great
Week! Sincerely, Steve 256-927-6617 http://www.weisslakeguideservice.com
PS: Don't call me now until after 9, I am sleeping in with my wife for the first time in awhile! :-)

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