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Posted by Kerry Grissett on October 28, 2001 at 19:46:13:

In Reply to: TVA chemicals and water quality posted by jd on October 24, 2001 at 09:41:21:

I think Zinc and Copper are elements and don't go away. In high doses they can be highly toxic, which is why, I suspect, that copper sulfate is used to "eradicate" millfoil.

I think it really boils down to the fact that nobody wants to take responsibility for finding out what has caused the decline in the Wheeler fishery over the last ten years (at least) and on the same note, nobody wants to take action to save it. Maybe that is because those agancies who are "managing" it (HA!) know they will be found out as sorry managers! Sure it will cost money, but it will cost more money another 10 years from now and then it may be too late.

As for the spraying of millfoil on Wheeler... I never witnessed it, but I have been told that it was done in the early 90's and since then, it has not returned in MOST areas on Wheeler. Compared to Guntersville lake, Wheeler is completely devoid of millfoil. No matter what the reasons for the bad management of Wheeler are, it has been managed poorly as far as a fishery is concerned, no question about it.

Now the question is "What do WE do about it?".

The "debates" about it here are a start, but we fishermen have been "sounding the alarm" for many years about the decline of fisheries (not only Wheeler) and very little has been done on most. Guntersville *may* be an exception, since input from fishermen seems to have abated the irrational spraying of millfoil there and Guntersville is (IMHO) the best fishery in North Alabama now.

The bottom line is that ALL agencies involved in the management of our fisheries HAVE to take responsibility and action to preserve them! The ducks and geese have plenty of "sponsors", but not the fish. (Wheeler National Wildlife Refuge DEFINITELY included in this.) Maybe they need an amendment to all their charters to include something along the lines of "do no damage to other native species, whether water or land based", or something along those lines.

There's a whole 50 cents worth from me... (grin)

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