Weiss Lake Fishing Report for 10-14-2001

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Posted by Weiss Lake Guide Service on October 14, 2001 at 21:27:10:

DATE: 10-14-01
SURFACE TEMP: 71.1 in am - 71.4 in pm
WATER CLARITY: Good even with the winds

CRAPPIE:On Sunday the 7th I had 61 keepers.On Monday I had 50. On Tuesday I had 25. Wednesday I had 35,Thursday I had
57,Friday I had 73,Saturday (high winds) I had 33,Sunday I had 57. Basically we are fishing docks and brush piles in front of the
docks.Most of the dock owners try to be very secretative about their brush piles around their docks.But, you just simply look at where
their chairs are sitting and you know where their brush is. We catch about as many under the docks as out from the docks. Run over
their brush with your depth finder, if there is fish on it, use your electronics to see how deep,put on a float and work it.The fish in the
last few days have been very erratic! I have seen them 2ft deep in 12ft of water and I have seen them 13ft deep in 12ft of water. I
think they must have a back-hoe! I receive several emails a week that for me is a no-brainier.But, I have to remember when I fished
when I had some time off that I was out there "flapping". Only in the last few years have I realized that my electronics was the most
important equipment on my boat. There is no substitute for good electronics. Bad electronics (which there are a lot of are
USELESS!) If your electronics will not show you suspended fish then you are out there flapping. Electronics and temp gauges are
the two most important pieces of equipment that you need. There is no substitute for time on the water either! I must answer 100
emails a week and in all of them I tell them to take a good contour map and look for and abrupt bottom change
(drops,ledges,humps, etc.) Crappie and Bass as far as that goes and Stripe too relate to this type of drop.I highly recommend that
you leave your rods in the rod locker and look for this type of water.Patience,patience,patience!!
If you spend the time and do your homework you will be successful.

BASS: Bass fishing has been tough as nails due to the weather with high winds and high barometers and blue bird skies. I was
seeing bass running shad in the shallows but with the temp change that is done.But they will come back to that pattern as the
weather stabilizes. You can take a shallow running crankbait around the docks and weedbeds that the wind is blowing into and catch
a lot of fish.I had 3 men that fished the Redman circuit staying with me this past weekend. And I tried to help them the best I could.
And with my advice they located fish and were very happy but the weather changed and a frontal system came thru and the fish
they located went south. I fished a lot of tournaments and if you do not keep a log on surface temps.,barometers,and lake levels you
are going to be flapping.Hope this helps!

STRIPE: I am not stripe fishing right now but my bass fishing buddies on the Redman tournament located stripe at pole #15
between it and the island on crankbaits.Also, at pole #20 on crankbaits.Also, they were found in sand valley between Big Nose &
Little Nose on crankbaits.Some of them in the 20lb range.Stripe season is just around the corner.The birds are not here yet though
but they will be.When the birds do come in it will be a no-brainier.

CATFISH: Trot lines and jugs with cut bait the best.Also, if you will take your crappie rib cages as you clean fish and pitch them out
around someone's fish cleaning station you better plant both feet.Come and get em!

As always if there is something that we can do to help our fellow fisher-persons out we are more than glad to do so. If you are
heading our way in the near future I have a new suggest for breakfast. A new place has opened in town called Nanny's. She is open
at 5am until noon.And she is a breath of fresh air for breakfast. She will gladly go out of her way to make DOUBLE sure that your
meal is the way you order it and also comes out hot. She is located in the shopping center next to Tracy-J Cycles on Hwy 411 right
in the middle of town. You can catch me there for breakfast and I will try to point you in the right direction or help in any way that I
can. Hope to see you there!Also, if you get down here and get into motor trouble or any other kind of trouble , do not hesitate to
call.We will be glad to help and to try to get you up and running and on the fish. Sincerely, Steve,Butch,Harry and Cheryl

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