Weiss Lake Fishing Report for 10-07-2001

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Posted by Weiss Lake Guide Service on October 06, 2001 at 19:43:32:

DATE: 10-07-01
SURFACE TEMP: 61.4 in am - 72.1 in pm

Before I start the fishing report I did not have a plan B for troubles on the road.I blew a grease seal Friday and froze up the bearings
in my boat trailer.I thought "no big deal" I'll just call a wrecker service with a roll-back. My boat is 23 feet tandem axle.The wrecker
driver showed up with a 20 foot roll-back. If you add trailer tongue to total length you have 30 feet.I was standing on the side of the
road with a feeling of helplessness while flames and smoke swirled around 64 gallons of gas.I got the fire out, and had already
made up my mind that if the first squirt from the fire extinguisher didn't work I was gone.Fortunately the first squirt got it. I have never
thought about hauling my trailer and boat to a repair facility by wrecker.I do now! I was lucky, Acker Wrecker Service had an
experienced wrecker driver that was able to rig it up with only using one dolly and he got it to Buck's Boats for repair. I now have his
card in my wallet. When I am through with fishing this fall, I am going to take one of those tandem tires off and see if I can continue
on should the problem ever occur again. I was fortunate that my wife put a telephone book in my vehicle and I had a cell phone.I
can strongly advice that you come up with a "Plan B" should you ever have the problem.

CRAPPIE: I fished Joe Biddle and his son Kevin on Monday I do not remember the exact number that we kept but it was close to a
double limit. Basically fished docks and structure with bubble gum jigs and did well.I fished Chuck Shelton and Rick on Tuesday
and we had a double limit at 1pm and was gone.All of them super fish.Basically the same pattern as on Monday. I fished Mike
Rhodes on Wednesday and limited out again by 1pm.All good fish.Still using basically the same pattern.Thursday I fished Millett
Hardwoods, a party of three which included Mike's daughter Janca on Thursday the 4th.Butch had the other half of the party.Here
again fishing structure that was visible including boat dock.Jig color did not seem to matter.Butch had 50 and I had 56 keepers.On
Friday the 5th, again Millett Hardwoods, the fish bit like crazy. Butch had 88 and I had 101 (11 more than I should have, I am going
to have to oil my counter) Red/blue/white and white/blue/white seem to be the best color that day.On Saturday the 6th, BIG TIME
COLD front came through along with high winds and the fish went to the bottom.Butch had 44 and I had 61 keepers.Harry had 55
for the day.
I am a guide with 50 years fishing experience, fishing was a little slow and I am using nothing but bubble gum catching fish on a
7,8,9 count in 10 feet of water.Janca Millett pulls out a blue/green/blue because it is pretty and just kills them! She kicked our butt
for a little bit. But guess what, we all went to blue/green/blue! I guess I am just hardheaded and stuck on bubble gum.

BASS: Bass fishing has been good and the same colors and patterns are still holding but the cold front has knocked them down.The
warmer in the day it gets the better things are!

STRIPE: Still not really seeing any birds and have not yet heard of anyone catching stripe of any numbers.

CATFISH: Catching catfish like crazy anywhere that people are cleaning fish. We have a couple staying with us for the past 2 days
and Jerry pulled a 35 pounder off my dock while Harry was cleaning fish.Come and get the!

As always if there is anything that we can do to help whether you need a guide or not we are always glad to do so. You can still
catch us at Bay Springs Restaurant for breakfast every morning at 7am and come meet us and talk to us.We will try to point you in
the right directions.So far as of today the cold front did not hurt us too bad today so every day things will improve.Call us if you need
us! Sincerely, Steve, Butch,Harry and Cheryl 256-927-6617 or check us out on our website at http://www.weisslakeguideservice.com Good
fishing to all and have a GREAT fall!

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