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Posted by Kerry Grissett on September 24, 2001 at 21:32:41:

Saturday, September 22, my brother and I finally had a chance to take the boat out while Stephen and I were visiting the folks in Florence. I had high hopes that we might find some crappie or at least some stripe for fun. Nothing doin'.

We put in at McFarland harbor at about 6am. It looked like there was a small tourney going on at the ramp nearest the opening to the harbor so we put in near the baseball field. Tried jigs at the barge harbor in the canal and worked our way quickly up the canal all the way up to the locks. NOTHING! I didn't even see much on the depth finder to give me hope. There were a scant few other boats fishing for bass (I think) along the canal, but we didn't see anyone having much luck.

Decided to try Cypress creek. This is where I first got out my temp gauge and it showed from about 69-72 near the mouth of the creek. Fish started showing up on the depth finder right away, but we couldn't connect with any of them. We decided to go as far up Cypress creek as we could and see what was there. In short, a lot of small bream and a few LM bass. At least that is all we were able to get using jigs and trying minnows. Nearly all fish came from the jigs. Far up the creek the temp was 67.7 along with a foul stinch from the raw sewage that is STILL spilling into Cypress creek. Florence really has a problem on this creek and apparently hasn't done nearly enough to fix it. (sigh)

Left Cypress creek and headed for the Patton Island bridge. There is a creek that flows out just downstream from the bridge. This is just downstream of the "Rock Pile" landing area. Normally I expect to find some shad minnows schooling around this area and a lot of stripe/white bass and even some black bass in this area, but that was not the case this trip. We moved upstream to the pumping station on the upstream side of the bridge and managed to catch one 10 inch crappie and a couple of VERY tiny smallmouths. Moved upstream to the area near the Rock Pile ramp and managed to catch several more small LM bass. By this time we were about spent. Left for home about 2pm. Water temps near the Rock Pile landing were steady at 80.1 degrees.

Oh well, it was nice to get out with my brother for the first time in a long while (they have 20 month old triplets!), but I wish it had been a little more successful... no, I wish it had been a LOT more successful!!! With the temps going into the 40's at night this week and only into the 70's (or so they predict) during the day, I am very hopeful that the crappie will become more active. More on that later. Sorry for being so late in this post... stuff happens... (smile)

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