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Posted by ked on September 01, 2001 at 23:33:10:

Will they ever go away? - No. Will they ever give up? - Probably not. I myself don't believe or practice abuse or cruelty to animals. I don't wear furs and dispise poachers or those that illegally take any type of fish or game. But come on, give me a break. These guys are way out there. Check out the Sept/Oct 2001 issue of Bassmaster magazine and read two articles in there. One is on "Fish Rights" on Page 4 and the other is "People First - Religious Views On Environmentalism" page 16. Both are good articles but the one on "Fish Rights" was an eye opener. Did you know PETA's membership has grown to 600,000 members (making it the same size as B.A.S.S. members) and their dues are $16 a year? Sounds like somebody's raking in some money for a rediculous cause. Not to spoil the article for you, but did you know these idiots throw rocks into waters being fished and send scuba divers down to scare the fish away? Going to the extreme,huh? Somebody should tell them their hitting the fish with their rocks and causing permanent brain damage and their scuba divers are scaring the fish into heart attacks and seizures. These weirdos were bragging about their efforts to force the Boy Scouts to discontinue awarding merit badges for fishing. Their diminstrations have turned violent many times and we should be alert whenever they are present. Who knows how far they might go to protect their beliefs that animals have more rights than humans. Remember, these are the same individuals who would rather do testing on their children than on animals. Go figure. I guess they either removed Genesis chapter 1 verse 26 from the Bible or don't believe it. What do you expect from people like that any way? Oh well, got that off my chest. God Bless <><

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