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Posted by Kerry Grissett on August 26, 2001 at 21:09:56:

In Reply to: Need some advice on bass assassin posted by 2-J on August 26, 2001 at 20:10:22:

I have had great success with the small bass assassins (1.5 inch) using a 16th oz. jig head. I use it under a cork and tightline, depending on what the fish want. Using the cork, I am usually fishing shallower water and work the jig with a short jigging motion allowing the jig to fall back before jigging again. The hit usually comes on the fall using this method. Sometimes a slow steady retrieve works better depending on the fish.

Tightline, I am usually fishing dropoffs casting from the boat towards shore letting the jig fall along the dropoff, feeling my way along by lifting slightly and letting it fall. Watch your line closely as you will not always feel the hit, but will see it as the line suddenly snaps or slacks. Sometimes a quick snap and fall works well. Crappie will hit on the fall using this method also. I have also done vertical jigging in submerged brush and trees. The secret here is to work it very slowly to keep from getting snagged. I don't use "snagless" or "weedless" jig heads.

A while back someone asked me how to hook the assassin on the jig head. Since then I have paid more attention and found that if you run the hook out the smooth, rounded side of the assassin, it will have more action but will tend to twist the line more. Bring the hook out the flat, ridged side with have slightly less action and less twist. Either way seems to catch fish quite well though. A couple of other things I do is to bite off just a little bit off of the front of the grub to make it a little easier to get the hook started straight into it and I also use pliers to sqeeze down the lead "barb" on the jig head. The lead barb, which is there to help keep the grub on the jig head only tends to cut right through the soft bass assassins. If I would have them change one thing about these lures, it would be to make the plastic just a little bit tougher so it would last a little longer.

Hope this helps.

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