Weiss Lake Fishing Report for 6-12-2001

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Posted by Weiss Lake Guide Service on June 12, 2001 at 08:54:18:

DATE: 6-12-01
SURFACE TEMP: 77.5am - 84.3pm
WATER CLARITY: Coves and creeks good, river channel from the big bridge kinda nasty.

CRAPPIE: Night fishing and DEEP, DEEP brush piles (20 or better). Then only about 20 a day and a hard day at that.

BASS: Bass fishing has been pretty good.Buzz Baits around grass beds in the am early. Move out to the long points using French fry
worms Carolina rigged.Rat'l Traps working well. Pearl Bomber and Deep Diving plugs also working well.Work at it hard all day and a
limit + should be no problem.

STRIPE: The stripe fishing has been excellent. The majority of stripe are located on the old river channel edges. Their depth varies
from day to day. Watch your depth finder. Best bait is live shad but they are still very hard to come by as the surface temp is not
warm enough to put them on top yet.Fished yesterday and had 8 pretty good fish. 2 in the 15-16 lb category. Problem was, spent 5
hours trying to catch bait and 2 hours fishing.Had several runs also.The best way to attempt to catch shad is to pull back in the
shallow end of coves and sit and wait and watch the water. If you cannot throw a 10 ft. net you may be out there flapping.However,
they will hit bream but just not as good as shad. Also remember that it only takes one good throw to hit pay dirt. The lake has settled
down after the big rain.The stripe are cooperating pretty good. A good place to catch some would be the cut between the big lake
and Powerhouse Lake if they are generating. When they are generating these fish load up in that mile long cut right up against the
rocks. When they are not generating look for them on the old river channel edges and use your depth finder wisely.Keep in mind that
you can keep 30 BUT lets PLEASE do not rape the resource! Keep enough to eat and turn the rest loose for another day.
Cute story and I will shut up> A friend of mine has a 10 year old son (originally they were from Germany and never exposed to
fishing). I took the little fellow fishing yesterday,baited him up with a live shad and 2 rods.Told him to put him out 6 pulls and told
him what to look for. We had not had them out maybe 5 minutes when he had a run. And, the little man, did everything right! He let
him run about 15-20 feet, clicked the 5500C in gear, and the fight was on! Ten minutes later he lands about a 16-18 lb stripe.The
first fish he had ever caught in his life.From then on he was like a duck on the water! The little feller has a natural talent.He could
not keep the live well door shut because he had to keep looking at his fish.If he keeps on fishing, and I am sure he will, Roland
Martin better just hang it up!! We forget how exciting it is for a child to catch fish.It is so great to watch them.Teach your kids how to
hunt and fish and you will not have to hunt your kids! We brought the fish home to eat and he loved them.Had to have the leftovers
with his breakfast this morning! Look for his rod bending adventures to be added to our picture gallery shortly.

WHITE BASS: Still have not seen any at all.

BREAM: Shallow around the banks.I do believe that they are through spawning.

CATFISH: I also believe that the catfish are done with spawning also.Can catch them with jugs at night with cut shad.(Lots of luck
with catching the shad) Trot lines still working well. Hook and line on the old channel edges using cut shad.


I have a lot of phone calls from fishermen who worry about bothering me or picking my brain.Please do not hesitate to ask and you
are not bothering me one little bit.I wish I had someone to ask questions way back yonder that would give me straight and honest
answers.I have been there and done that and it is not pretty. Take a child fishing and have a GREAT SUMMER!!! Sincerely, Steve
& Cheryl, Butch & Harry. http://www.lakeweissguideservice.com

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