Wheeler around Decatur

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Posted by Kerry Grissett on June 06, 2001 at 22:02:02:

After kicking myself for not taking the boat out yesterday, because I listened to our 3 local TV news station's weather people saying it was going to storm, I decided to go out today and not even pay any attention to them. Guess what? It was another great weather day! They (TV weather men) were predicting strong chance of storms and winds from 6-12 to 10-15 mph, but it was relatively calm and no rain or storms. OK, enough of my rant about the lousy forecasts by our local TV station's weather forecasters...

I put in at the ramp off Hwy 20 near the sewage plant in Decatur around daylight. Noticed a few willow flies around the points near the ramp and was encouraged, but I decided to go and check the causeways first. The only place I found any flies was on the east side of the railroad causeway and there weren't many flies or fish there. Took the boat almost all the way to Mallard creek looking for flies (south side of river) and decided to turn around and try down at Flint creek. My boat is slow, so after a fairly long ride, I managed to find nothing at Flint, up almost to the handicapped pier, or the Suzy and Allen holes or the mouth of Limestone creek which was very muddy if you went up any farther than the mouth.

Came back to a point near the ramp and started catching small bream (green sunfish, I think) and a few LMB's. Most of the bass were small, with one going about 2 and 2 more that broke my leader which I estimate in the 3 to maybe 4 pound range. At this same point I also, for only the third time in my life, caught a shad that hit an artificial bait. No, it was not a skip-jack. The best I can tell it was either an american or alabama shad. The only thing that is still throwing me was that the eyes on this fish were very big and the illustrations I have been able to find don't show them to be very big on the american or alabama shad. I looked at the hickory shad, but have almost completely ruled this one out.

Anyway, except for catching a few small stripe (hybrids and saltwater) behind Solutia on jigs, I caught all other fish on fly rod using a popping bug. I use the cheap kind that come 6 or so to a round plastic container for about $1.50. Best bream hit was on brown and best bass hit was on green. Now that I am writing this, I really don't remember which color the 'unknown' shad hit. Started at near daylight and quit about 4pm.

Good luck and good fishin'

Species Identification - Angler's Digest

Picture: American Shad

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