Weiss Lake Fishing Report for 5-30-2001

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Posted by Weiss Lake Guide Service on May 30, 2001 at 15:15:33:

DATE: 5-30-01
SURFACE TEMP: 77am-73pm
WATER CLARITY: At this time good but subject to change with recent heavy rains

CRAPPIE: The crappie fishing is slow except under lanterns at night around bridges and drop offs using minnows. Watch your depth
finder for what depth the fish are suspended.

BASS: Bass fishing has been early fishing grass and shallow structure throwing buzz-baits and jerk-baits. As the morning warms move
out to the points using Carolina rig French fry worms.

STRIPE: The stripe fishing has been on again off again. In places that we were catching them where in deep water flats relating to
drop offs and long points have dried up. Harry and myself went out Tuesday the 29th in an attempt to find some stripe. Two or three
of the places that they are traditionally there, which is the cave hole & north spring creek were badly stained and no fish. Checked
the Chatooga in the big curve at the road bed like you were going to JR's, Nothing! Over the years I have gotten kinda hard headed.
I have really failed to use my electronics like I should have.But, this year with the crazy weather, the fishing has been very
unpredictable and I have not taken advantage of my electronics. I use a Hummingbird Wide Vision and generally run my gain on 2
which will sometimes give a false echo. Once I locate fish, I turn the gain back to 1 to be sure of what I am seeing. We launched at
the Hwy 9 Public launch ramp. Went straight out towards the Chatooga and just as we dropped over into the river my depth finder hit
several fish. We continued on to the Chatooga to the Goodyear area to catch shad.Shad are HARD to come by right now because
the are not on top.It took 2 of us two hours throwing 10 ft nets to catch 27 shad. We used the majority of those in un-productive water
but areas that should have held fish. Harry and I talked about the fish we marked just as we had dropped over into the river and
wondered if they could be stripe. We had never seen them there before. The fish were suspended 20-25 ft deep in 50 ft. of water. As
a last resort we tried there. We were not the three minutes and we had 6 runs going on at one time and managed to boat 3 of the 6.
They were all 3-5 lb males. I got back home and talked to the state biologist about were the larger females are and he read a study
to me that was done by a professor at Berry College that indicated that at this time in May the larger females were attempting to
spawn in the cooler creeks and streams with fast moving water.This made sense to me.For the the last few days fishing has been
sparse and all small males. I believe the larger fish will move back to their traditional spots the first week in June. If I wasn't dumb as
a board I would have got out here on this river channel and strarted idling just to the break line and could have found a lot of fish.I
am just like a lot of fishermen, I am a creature of habit and do not take advantage of my electronics. Do not be dumb, use your

WHITE BASS: Still no sign of white bass. The last few days I have caught several in my throw net in very shallow water in the back of
coves. The surface temp is still a little to cool yet to see them in the jumps but it won't be long until you will find them in abundance
around Cornwall Furnace in the Chatooga,Powerhouse Lake around the first island, and the flat out in back of the Hawgs Den.These
are traditional areas where they can be found. Also sailboat point in the Chatooga.

BREAM: The bream are everywhere shallow in the back end of coves right on top of the water.No sign of willow fly hatch at this time
but you know the bream are looking for them because they are shallow.

CATFISH: Still spawning around rip rap but it won't be long until there will be plenty of them about anywhere you want to go.

I am still on the water most everyday, guiding or looking for fish. If you are in Bay Springs Restaurant and we are not there, ask any
waitress about us and they generally know where we are or can find one of us for you.If you get in trouble, boat or motor problems, or
just a little help finding something to catch, or you need help with good clean lodging do not hesitate to holler! Happy Hunting and
have a SAFE SUMMER!! Steve, Butch, Harry & Cheryl www.lakeweissguideservice.com 256-927-6617

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