Re: bream/shellcrackers on Wheeler

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Posted by ked on May 20, 2001 at 21:34:57:

In Reply to: bream/shellcrackers on Wheeler posted by Ken on May 20, 2001 at 20:41:19:

I took a friend fishing with me on one of my best spots. The next time I went, guess who was there hauling them in? I told another guy approximately where to find some fish and today it's HIS honey hole. I've had people follow me to hot spots and have people riding by and see me catch some only to have them turn around and come back and see how close they could fish beside me or come back another day and have them sitting on the spot. So sometimes it's not that easy to give out too much information. Everyone wants to catch fish but finding them on your own and catching them is more rewarding. As far as smell goes I've noticed that I can smell them down wind and once you lose contact with the smell you've probably passed the bed or are sitting right on top of it. I've fished Flint Creek for bream but just caught them here and there and haven't found any beds. The water clarity is not the best to see them. Alot of times you can see the beds in shallow water on Wheeler and I usually back off and fish the outside edges and deeper water around it. The bigger ones seem to bed deeper and smaller ones shallow, plus this way you can work your way up to and through the bed without spooking them by dragging too many fish back through the bed. Don't get frustrated because no-one wants to give up good spots. There's no substitute for time spent on the water. And, Hey there's you another excuse to get to go more often! God bless and good fishing. <><

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