The pumps at Day Park, Decatur and a rant about Stackhouse's Decatur Daily column...

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Posted by Kerry Grissett on May 14, 2001 at 23:01:37:

For the last 4 or 5 days, I have made a habit of going to the "pumps" at the north end of the hwy31 causeway in Decatur. When I first started, the bass and stripe (all fairly small) were in there THICK! I believe they were chasing .5 inch long bass and bream hatchlings. Every day since I first started going, the hit has diminished conciderably. This evening was right in line with the declining hit. The skip-jack are usually a good indicator of whether there is bait fish in the area or not and they (the skippies) were not very active at all. All together, I think I caught about 15, or so, small stripe with only one at about 1.5, maybe better.

Something will have to happen to bring the fish back in, either rain or maybe the willow fly hatch that I expect to happen some time in the next few weeks. Again, last year, I first noticed the willow flies hatching on the first day of June, but weather conditions were warmer and dryer last year at this time. Also, the pumps will not run all summer! Once the water level gets down to levels on the WNWR so that they can plant new crops for the waterfowl, they will turn the pumps off unless we get a lot of rain and it is necessary to turn them on again to control flooding on the refuge.

Another note for those of you who read the Decatur Daily rag...

Paul Stackhouse writes a "column" in the Decatur Daily about fishing. This last sunday I read his article. Although, he did mention the June 9th "Free fishing day" no license required, and I applaud him for that, the part about "Several nice stringers of crappie are being caught along the causeway north of Hudson bridge." is simply a fantasy or a bald faced lie. I don't know where he gets his information, but I am fishing that area almost every day and talking to folks, watching, etc... and nothing of the sort is going on that I can see and I haven't heard anything of that sort from ANY of the other locals that frequent the area. I hate to bad mouth a "fellow angler", but I have absolutely NO confidence in Stackhouse's report in the Decatur Daily. His articles seem to be pulled from archives, not personal experience. I could be wrong, but too many times I have read his column only to find things that I know NOT to be true from my personal experience and the fact that I have actually talked to the other folks fishing same areas. Also, I have RARELY seen Mr. Stackhouse in the area, FISHING! Actually, I haven't seen him in the last 3 or more years!

Sorry, but I just had to say something...

Kerry Grissett

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