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Posted by Kerry Grissett on May 03, 2001 at 22:08:15:

The other day, I put in at Hickory Hills on Flint creek and noticed that the parking lot had been recently PAVED! Also, the ramp at the sewage plant in Decatur has also had its parking lot paved. Several people were commenting on how nice this is and I thought I'd try and find out who was responsible. My first thought was that Dan Thompson and his crew were responsible, since he and his crew have been responsible for the many improvements we have all seen at many ramps in North Alabama over the last year or so.

Anyway, I emailed Dan Thompson to find out and he emailed me back. So here is what he said... The following is a cut-and-paste of the email response from Dan along with my original message included as a quote in his reply:

***Start Quoted Material***

Greetings Kerry,
The paving you referred to was actually completed by the Morgan County Commission, on an in-kind match basis. The Div. of
Wildlife and Freshwater Fisheries provided 75% of the cost with Federal Aid's *Sport Fish Restoration* fund also known as the
Wallop-Breaux Act (an excise tax on fishing tackle and also motorboat fuel tax) A good link for your fishing
web site would be the Fish and Wildlife Service's info on the SFR program.
The Morgan County Commission provided the remanding 25% through labor and equipment. Under the same contract the County
is to also repave the other Flint Creek access area parking lot and the Cataco Creek boat ramp parking lot.
Another recent cooperative re-paving project was the Triana parking lot with the Madison County Commission providing 25%. I
certainty wish for co-operating county commissions to receive credit for their part.
This Division's maintaince crew does all the work on the concrete ramps such as repairs and new construction. Courtesy dock
construction depends on the magnitude of the project. Small docks are done by the crew whereas large docks such as the one at
Elk River North (old rest area) are bid out as we do not have that capability with pile driving, barges, etc.
Thanks for the kind words and I will past them along to the crew.
Dan Thompson
Capitol Development Coordinator
Division of Wildlife & Freshwater Fisheries
Ala. Dept of Conservation & N. R.
64 No. Union St.
Montgomery, AL 36130

: -----Original Message-----
: From: Kerry Grissett
: To:
: Date: Friday, April 27, 2001 11:54 PM
: Subject: Paving at Hickory Hills boat ramp
: Hey Dan,
: After having several people, myself included, remark on the great job of paving the
: access road and parking lot at the Hickory Hills boat ramp on Flint Creek, I thought I
: would make sure who was responsible. I have been giving you and your crew credit for it,
: but I was not really sure?
: Also, by coincidence, and I may have already emailed you about this one, thanks for the
: work on the ramp at Alred's in Guntersville. A funny story goes with this one. I was
: talking with a friend of mine, who fishes Guntersville quite often, and he started
: complaining about how the public ramp was in bad shape. I told him I would email you
: and see if it was slated to be redone soon. It was late and I never sent the email... Long
: story short, he called me the next day and said I ought to go into politics since your crew
: was there working on the ramp! Well, I wish I could have taken credit, but I give it all to
: you and your crew!!! It was you and your crew? Right? (grin)
: Many thanks from me and a WHOLE lot of other fishing folks in North Alabama for all the
: hard work you guys have done! It is greatly appreciated!
: Kerry Grissett

***End Quoted Material***

As Dan suggested, the SFR link,, is a good one to take a look at if you have ever wondered how and who is responsible for the upkeep of our public ramps. My thanks again to Dan and his crew! They have been very busy over the last year and their work is very much appreciated!

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