Weiss Lake Fishing Report for 4-17-2001

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Posted by Weiss Lake Guide Service on April 16, 2001 at 19:47:30:

DATE: 4-17-01
CURRENT LAKE LEVEL: Full pool + a couple inches

CRAPPIE: Catching a lot of short or just barely 10" males.None of them in their spawning colors as of yet."Where are the big
females?" I do not know.Am just catching the occasional good female.My guess is they are still out deep because of the crazy
weather.Alabama Power jerked the lake down about 2 foot about a week ago, just when they started in.The lake is full + now.All
this in about 1 week.Now on top of those problems we are going to have a couple of nights here in the 30's.I had 14 crappie
today.I fished everywhere I knew to fish and every way I knew how to fish for the 14.Generally our season goes through mid May
and possibly through the first of June.I do not believe that the crappie fishing is done for the spring on Weiss Lake.I believe that
with some stable weather and water it should break open.I will keep the fishing report up to date as things change but as of today
things are VERY tough! Best colors have been triple green & bubble gum.
I saw a young man and woman fishing off a dock in Powerhouse down by Lack's fish camp and they were throwing minnows
about 6" deep with a float and they had probably 12-15 crappie when I saw them yesterday.The kicker was that they were fishing
off a dock that was so shallow that I couldn't even get to with my boat.This leads me to believe that the fish could possibly be in a
foot to one and 1/2 feet of water.But, I cannot get into that shallow of water in a boat.I am not going to throw minnows.I am
going to throw jigs.This area was just a flat, no drop off no deep banks,no rocks, just a few scattered pencil size stumps in there.I
do not know if this information will help you or hurt you as things change on a daily basis sometimes.

*Plant your corn early,do not pee in the wind, and under NO circumstances buy a COMPAQ COMPUTER!!!!*

BASS: Bass fishing started to loosen up.Sand bars and rip rap and around the edge of the bank some.Rat'l traps and spinner baits
were doing good.However, the cold we are going to get will not help the bass fishing either.Expect they will get lock jaw for at
the very least a few days.I will try to keep you up to date as to what the cold has done to them.

WHITE BASS: Have been mixed in with the crappie.I presume they are trying to do the same thing the crappie are trying to do.

BREAM: Starting to show up shallow now. I presume they are wanting to spawn too.They are very aggressive right now.

STRIPE: I had a gentleman and his son and wife.The son was 32 years old and his name is Jeff.I fished them on the 10th & 11th
of this month.Jeff is a remarkable young man.He can tell you every governor of every state and state reps and congressmen.Jeff's
favorite thing is the news.His next favorite thing is catching fish.Friendliest fellow you would want to meet.(And yes Jeff, as I know
you will be reading this, I am going to put your pictures on the web site.)On the 10th we had 66 nice crappie.The morning of the
11th by about 9:30 we had 15.I was leaving the Hawg's Den area when I saw birds diving on shad in open water out by the
second channel marker.I asked them if they liked to catch stripe. They said they were not sure but would like to try.We put
Mrs.Cheryl's 1/16th oz. Bubble Gum jigs on and threw out 6 lines with ultra-lights and 6lb. test.We had not gone 20 feet and we
had one on.Jeff's mother got the first one on.I have never heard a noise like she let out before.Two cigarettes and a half later we
landed her stripe.Jeff got the next one on and he did a super job with him.To make a long story short, 3 hours later we had 15 in
the boat.We continued to crappie fish and caught another 15 and fished to quitting time.We came right back through where we
had caught the stripe earlier and Jeff's mother said " Oh please just one more" We threw our lines out, went 20 feet, and 2 1/2
cigarettes later we boxed Jeff's fish. Finished the day with 16 stripe and 30 crappie.There is a little trick ifyou fish for stripe on
ultra-light line and rigs.Make sure your line spool is full,use a light action rod,and back the drag off as far as it will go (The reason
for this is so he does not break the line on his first run).Get him on and start tightening the drag just a little bit at the time.Start
slowing him down and hold your rod tip high.Keep tightening the drag until you get him stopped.Make sure there is plenty of
slippage in case he makes a second run.Take it easy and work the fish until he tires out and you can get him to the boat.

CATFISH: They are catching them around the banks after dark using just about anything from rib cages to chicken livers.

As always see you at Bay Springs for breakfast at 7am.We are always glad to help anyone out whether you need a guide or
not.See you on the water! Steve, Butch & Harry http://www.weisslakeguideservice.com or you can catch me at 256-927-6617.

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