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Posted by Garrett on April 15, 2001 at 12:46:50:

In Reply to: Jug Fishing..please help!? posted by Bonnie Casey on April 13, 2001 at 22:08:30:

It's funny that you posted about this. I was one of the guys in that boat that was jug fishing. There is very very little information about jug fishing on the alabama fish and wildlife website, but you do not need any additional license. I'm not sure of the limit of jugs, but 25 is about the most that we like to take care of. Other states require personal info to be posted on the jugs, but as far as I know, Alabama doesn't require it. The jugs I use are kinda expensive, but well worth every penny. They are basically 2in diameter pvc cut into 18in sections and then caps are glued on. Through price matching/beat by 10% I went between Home Depot and Lowes and found them for around 50 cents each. I spray painted the jugs flourecent orange and then used trot line string to rig them. These jugs work so well because you can easily put 25 into a fairly small rubbermade container. Also, the line stores by wrapping it around them and most of the time, they stand up when you have a fish. I have found that the best way to rig them is to tie one end of the line very tightly between the caps and then use a .5 ounce to 1 ounce barrel weight that goes over the line. It is held in place with a barrel swivel and then another 8 inches of line goes between the swivel and trot line hook. The great thing about these jugs is that you only have to unravel enough line so that the weight is in the water and then they unroll themselves. After a full summer of bait experimentation, I found that the cheapest and best bait that I know of is cheap hotdogs quartered and then soaked in a container with several spoonfulls of oily minced garlic(sam's choice at walmart) and then I add a liquid to cover the hotdogs. Friday we were using beer, but anything from water to coke seems to work. It's best to let them spoil in the sun for a couple of hours, but much more than that and they will run you out of the boat. Friday we only caught two fish, but they were very nice. One was 12lbs and the other was a little over 9. We prefer to stay close to the jugs to keep an eye on them and then we either just sit there and take in the day or fish with rod and reels. One pointer, you WILL lose fish. A net will greatly reduce the chance of losing fish at the boat, but depending on the hook set, they can always get away. When you go to pick up a jug, give it a swift tug and then just pull it up by the line. For the jugs I built, I can tell how big a fish is by how long it stays under. A 3-5lb fish can only keep it under for 5 seconds while a 9-15 lb fish can keep it under for 30 or more seconds. I plan on using large shiners on some of the jugs next time to try them out and maybe catch a stripe or two. If you have any more questions, email me at


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