Weiss Lake Fishing Report for 4-4-2001 with update for 4-8-2001

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Posted by Weiss Lake Guide Service on April 07, 2001 at 22:40:52:

DATE: 4-4-01
SURFACE TEMP: 54 AM with cold NW wind - 52 PM with a 10-15 mph cold NW wind

UPDATE: ( 4-8-01 ) - Crappie are spawning as we speak in 1-2 ft. of water, throw floats with jigs.

The crappie are about 2 feet deep no matter what depth of water you are fishing,When you move into the backs of coves
2,3 &4 ft. of water, all I am catching is short males. The good Crappie are still suspended out over open water 2-3 ft deep,
no matter what the water depth.These crappie are ready to spawn. Full moon is on the 7th, I can pretty much bet that they
are going to spawn. It is time for the float throwers & minnow fishermen on the bank. If you are fishing more than 1 1/2-2
feet deep you are fishing too deep. Hot colors are Bubblegum, when the sun is not shining. If the sun is shining,
bubblegum,Transparent green and the lighter bubble gum. Thanks, Steve

CRAPPIE: The last 5 days of fishing have been virtually the same. Start off fishing 4-5 ft. deep no matter what the depth of
water and watch the fish come up so shallow that the depth finder cannot read them. Do not think they have left, they are
still there, they are just so shallow that your depth finder cannot read them.
Once a day or maybe twice a day I will troll through 2-3 foot of water to see what is there. Up to date nothing yet but short
males. No sign of the spawn yet but it is close. Now, how in the thunder do you fish for them that shallow, start out with 1
1/32 trolling about 40 yds. behind the boat with several different colors. Some days it does not matter what color. Some
days they are very picky. If you are uncomfortable about trolling in 2-3 foot of water you can rig your lines with floats on a
slow troll. Also works pretty good over deeper water because you can control your depth. If you are going to use floats
you can double jig, even triple jig if you use 1/32. You might might even try different depths with your floats. Hot colors
of the day, we make a light and a darker bubble gum. The lighter bubble gum seemed to do twice as good today because
the water is clearing also transparent orange worked well. Also the transparent triple green. Triple blue is the old stand by
if you are fishing a darker water. Also, a technique that you might try is 1/16 in the same colors but just use 1 jig. Seems
to hold depth much better.For you died in the wool trollers you can take a 1/16 and make a short cast and speed up your
troll just a little bit and you will be surprised how shallow you can troll. If the fish are a little deeper you can slow down
and the 1/16 does its job. I spend 7-8 hours a day 150-200 days a year chasing fish. I am not a super fisherman, and
sometimes I am dumb as a board, I am no better fisherman than you are,but if anybody spends that much time chasing
fish you have to get pretty good at it. I had a gentleman tonight that blamed me for all the fishermen on lake Weiss. But, I
have nothing to do with it. This lake has a good reputation and has some good quality fish in it. All I do is try to help
those of you that are coming down anyway without a guide. And, I know everyone cannot afford a guide. I have been
there and done that.I am almost 60 years old and I do not remember anybody in the past giving me truthful ,solid and
useful information in the past. When you only fish a few days a year it is tough without a little help. I am sorry if I offend
anyone for trying to help my fellow fishermen but that is just the way I expect to be treated and I will continue to treat
others that way. I honestly believe that what goes around in life comes around and you reap what you sow. I am giving a
forecast of April 7th for the start of the spawn for crappie. I may be wrong but I bet you a nickel.

BASS: Talked to several bass fisherman on and off the water and I wish I could give you some real good advice but bass
fishing on Weiss right now is tough as nails. I catch 4-8 bass a day trolling in about 4-6 ft. deep on Cheryl's jigs. If I was
going to go bass fishing I would be working these warmer coves fishing shallow.Spinner Baits and small Rat'l traps.

WHITE BASS: I am catching some quality white bass suspended in with the crappie. The are not schooled up, they are
trying to spawn. Have seen some of the biggest white bass in years.

CATFISH: All you want. Come get them any way you want to fish for them.

STRIPE: The stripe I believe have run back up into the shallow creeks in an attempt to spawn. But, about the middle of
April to the end of June they will become hot and aggressive. Weiss Lake you are allowed 30 per person (and no this is
not a mis print). Even though you are allowed 30 by law in my boat about 10 a piece is all I will let you have. If you are
not happy with 100lbs a piece then you will not be happy with 200lbs. There is no sense in raping a resource.

BREAM: A good indicator for crappie fixing to spawn is that the bream move into shallow water. Today is the first day that
I have caught a large number of bream while I was fishing for crappie. The seemed to like Cheryl's jigs just as much as
the crappie do.

I do not know all there is to know about fishing. And if you get cocky these fish can make you mighty humble.

Centre Alabama would not survive without fishermen. We appreciate your business and we appreciate you coming. If
there is any way that we can help you we will. Some of the lodging here is less than you might desire. We are more than
happy to help you find a good place with good rates and help you in any way we can. As always, we are at Bay Springs
Restaurant every morning at 7AM for breakfast before we go out. You are more than welcome to come meet us and we
will be glad to help you in ANY way we can! See you at Bay Springs for breakfast!! Sincerely, Steve
www.lakeweissguideservice.com 256-927-6617 or clp-pope@tds.net

Again I am going to give you A GREAT PIECE OF ADVICE: Plant your corn early,do not urinate in the wind,and UNDER

www.lakeweissguideservice.com 256-927-6617

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