Weiss Lake Fishing Report for 3-28-2001

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Posted by Weiss Lake Guide Service on March 29, 2001 at 22:30:04:

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DATE: 3-28-01
SURFACE TEMP: 49.8 AM - 60.1 PM
WATER CLARITY: Up river in Riverside area is very poor except Godfrey's Island. Three Mile Creek is clear, Cowan Creek
is not in bad shape, all coves from Cedar Bluff bridge down are fishable. Main river channel is still muddy.

CRAPPIE: Monday March 19th : 5 inches of rain hit Weiss. An extremely bad cold front came through. I canceled my trip
for that day because of the weather.

Tuesday March 20th : Rain continued, 25-35 mph winds, cold as a day in January!!! I canceled my trip for this day also.

Wednesday March 21st : 15-20 mph winds, clear with a high pressure. Fished Dead Boy out of Riverside only because my
guide party insisted on going fishing. Had 14 keepers in Dead Boy.

Thursday March 22nd : Fished out of Bay Springs. Found some fish 13 ft. deep in 18 ft. of water. I had 8 fish that weighed
17.8 lbs.

Friday March 23rd : The lake is fool pool +. over most docks on the upper end of the lake. I fished out of Riverside and
went to Dead Boy. It was almost too muddy to fish. Went to Tillery, not bad in the back end, picked up 4 fish. The fish
were about 4 ft. deep in 6 ft. of water which made no sense. Went to Waterhouse, water in bad shape there,picked up 1
fish, no short fish. I went to Godfrey's island. Water was in good shape, marked a lot of fish but could not get them to
bite. They were about 7 ft. down on 10 ft. of water. Caught 3 short fish. Went back to Dead Boty on the right arm, started in
2 ft. of water (surface temp 60.1). started pulling 2 1/32 bubble gum's, 2 triple blue's.& 2 triple green's rods had a dukes
mixture on them. Humming the trolling motor. Picked up 8 - 10 in just a litle bit of time and my day was done. I have not
seen but 1 fish that showed spawning colors. The fish are wanting to spawn!! They have got to come up out of the deeper
water and go shallow but maybe not in my lifetime (LOL( but they are going to do it) . With the night water temps the fish
spreads them out really bad. I can see the water is starting to drop a little bit. And I hate to sell minnows but I am going
to give you a little advice that might work for you. You probably ought to be using a couple of rods 2-3 ft. deep and
another 3-4 ft. deep about 20 feet behind the boat (bubble gum seems to be the prevalent color) you might tip the jigs with
a minnow and it might even be more successful. I very seldom recommend this but when they are picky & ticky feeders it
can't hurt. I am grasping at straws. I am going to the hardware stare this afternoon for 3 sticks of triple chartreuse
dynamite. FISHING WILL IMPROVE!! :-)

BASS: I have talked to several bass fishermen on the water today and one of them caught an 11 inch stick and started to
put in the live well!!! :-)


CATFISH: I watched a couple of "Q TIPS" (now I am one of them), fishing off their pier with what looked like night
crawlers,wearing them out in shallow water. Again, big catfish are going to be around fish cleaning stations. You can
catch them by fishing with rib cages or take the fish eggs and tie the up with a small piece of panty hose and put them on
your hook and they just love it !! Sorry, the guys around here have used up all of Cheryl's old panty hose so bring you

STRIPE: Still mixed in with the crappie when you can find the crappie. If I was going to stripe fish I would go to
Powerhouse Lake and watch for the birds. Generally, they have been around Pine Cone Marina and they have been pretty
shallow. You can troll Mrs. Cheryl's jig's though them and with 6 lb. test have a ball.


We deeply apologize that we have been unable to update you with what has happening here but just like the water, the
new computer decided to go off the scale. I will do my best to update you everyday to let you know as conditions change
with what our guide service is doing. Again, we are always at Bay Springs Restaurant at 7AM every morning for breakfast
and we will be glad to help in any way we can. ( come meet us and maybe you might have some ideas for us :-) We are
ALL out there flapping.

Be looking for you on the water or at the restaurant. We are all in the same situation!! Sincerely, Steve

Saturday March 24th: We had 20 GOOD crappie and 1 big stripe. The fish were shallow 3-4 ft. deep no matter what depth
of water.

Sunday March 25th: Fish started 2-3 ft. deep Bubble Gum & Blue. After the end of the day the fish wet DOWN to 7-10 ft.

Monday March 26 : Fish started out 5-6 ft. deep on a slow troll. Hot color was bubble gum & blue. Mid afternoon the fish
moved shallow 2-3 ft. deep on a fast troll on no matter what depth. Short cast 2 1/1/32. Had 34 nice fish. 3 LB +.

Tuesday March 27th : Lake has fallen 2 ft overnight. Cold front came through last night.It was 24*F at 7AM this morning.I
started fishing at 10 AM and at 10 AM they were 4 ft. deep in 7-8 ft. of water. By 1 PM they had moved to 2 ft. deep in 4 ft.
of water. I was running 1 1/32 blue or bubble. Had 60 keepers at quitting time.Still not seeing spawning fish but females
are CLOSE.

Best advise I can give you is start shallow in 7-8 ft. of water.If you cannot troll, or if you are out there flapping, use floats
and jigs. Set you float to 2,3,4 ft. of water.Approx. 20 feet behind boat,troll slow & control depth.Start out using different
color jigs ( 2 1/32) to see what is most productive for you.

Fish should BUST WIDE open any time.

We apologize for the MAJOR SHUTDOWN of system, however, am using a friends computer to try to keep you up to
date.Sorry for the inconvenience. Will try to keep you up to date from now own.
Sincerely, Steve www.lakeweissguideservice.com or clp-pope@tds.net

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