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Posted by Steve Body on March 27, 2001 at 06:02:56:

In Reply to: Re: Common Courtesy! posted by Kerry Grissett on March 26, 2001 at 20:08:59:

Kerry, I agree that there is a difference in common courtesy and common sense. It is not just tournament fishermen that are totally crazy but some of all who enjoy the great outdoors. Although, I have to admit that anyone who spends the kind of money that we (tournament fishermen) do to chase a little fish with a brain the size of a small bean has to be a "couple of raw fish shy of a sushi sandwich". Foolishness comes with all types of fishermen and boaters alike.

There were the crappie fishermen that came in on me at Weiss during a tourney in 1993. We were sitting on a good fishing hole (ran 30 miles to get there) and after about 5 minutes here comes a little "rub-a-dub-dub" boat with two elderly gentlemen in it. One of these elder anglers stands up with a cement block tied to a rope and throws it toward us and "splash" down it goes to the bottom. My partner and myself were soaked with water by now from the splash of the block that was being used as an anchor. One of the gentlemen turned to me and asked, "are you guys catching any fish they were sure here yesterday". :)

I also remember the time I was pitching a 5/8oz jig up river at Neely Henry in a tournament and a personal watercraft ran between the bank and me. Now I am a good pitcher but about 40 feet is my limit on distance. LOL

Then there was the time I was throwing a crank-bait at a point in Little River on Weiss and a pontoon boat ran between us and the point and everyone on-board it just waved at us. LOL

These kind of juvenile acts happen to me all of the time with tournament fishermen cutting us off as well. On Weiss last year we ran up-river to fish some lay-downs on the main river channel above Mud Creek. We had pulled up to one tree that was laying in the water and started to flip a jig in it down river side of it when a competitor pulled up and starts to throw a jig in the upper side of it. I looked at them and smiled then looked at my partner and said, "we must be fishing the right tree because these guys have caught some here before". LOL

The bottom line is when it comes to fishing, boating, angling, skiing or operating a personal watercraft we all need to act like responsible adults and show our fellow man some common courtesy when enjoying the great outdoors. When someone is fishing a “hole” let them have it until they are finished then fish it if you wish. When there are people fishing a place that is not a main river, creek or ditch please idle past them. When riding a personal watercraft what is wrong with riding in the main river away from most anglers? If operating a pleasure craft show courtesy to the people that are anchored or using a trolling motor, remember it is a mighty big river or lake out there to be enjoyed by all.

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