Weiss Lake Fishing Report 3-15-2001

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Posted by Weiss Lake Guide Service on March 15, 2001 at 20:34:21:

Sorry I missed posting the last couple of updates from Cheryl and Steve. Also, sorry about the lousy format of the message. It works better when I can cut and paste it directly from their website, instead of from the email updates which are always a little faster than the website... KG

DATE: 3-15-01
SURFACE TEMP: 57.8 in am and 63.9 in pm
WATER CLARITY: Main river is rolling mud.HOWEVER, Waterhouse cove fishable,Godfrey's Island good color,Tucker Cove fishable,Dead Boy fishable,Trotters
Cove fishable,Three Mile good color,Paddle Boat NOT fishable,Cowan Creek rough shape,Big Spring Creek rough,Little River fishable but no fish hadn't been
there in a while,Chestnut Cove fishable,Yellow Creek fishable,Ransom good color,Anderson good color,Churchhouse good color for now.Powerhouse west side
great shape.

CRAPPIE: The weatherman once again scared everybody to death and missed it for last night.The 3 inches of rain they forecast ended up being nothing but a
dew in Dixie.The 20 mph winds he forecast for today was light and variable. I believe that I can fish a whole lot better than the weatherman can predict the
weather.I am still trolling 1 1/16 oz jigs in the AM.A good long cast out the back of the boat and a couple of rod pulls.And if you want to be successful, be
consistent in your casting.Medium troll speed.AM fish were 5-6 ft. deep no matter what the water depth.By 10 am the fish had gone to 4 ft deep no matter what
the depth.By 11 AM fish had gone 18" deep no matter what the water depth.These fish are trying to spawn.By 11AM I had changed over to 1 1/32 oz jig. Same
troll speed.Caught good crappie, 8 or 9 big stripe and some of the biggest white bass I have ever seen.There are some cooler temps (not colder) in the
forecast.This should slow them down a little bit but not for long.The surface temp in the area you are fishing in is very important.Find water with the warmest
surface temp and the fish will be shallow and aggressive.3 Guide Boats had 166 fish today.I have been fishing out of Riverside Marina for about 2 weeks.I am
generally the about 7:45 (but I am not there long)You can also catch me for breakfast at Bay Springs Marina at 7 AM. Be glad to help you whichever place you
might catch me.Today's color was blue-blue-blue and green-green-green.
Cute story and then I will quit: I fished a gentleman and his father today.The father was I am guessing in his 70"s (cane pole and minnow man all his life).He
enjoyed today's fishing so much that I fished an extra hour just to watch him have fun and I just don't do that!Believe that his cane pole will be heading to the
dumpster.He was flabbergasted about Mrs. Cheryl's jigs and that you could even catch anything on something like that.It's great when you can take you son
fishing but it is even greater when you can take your father.

BASS: The bass are just like the crappie hunting warm clear water and they are shallow.Spinner Baits and Jerk Baits do well in the back end of coves with the
warm water.Especially if there is some rip rap in the area.You would be amazed at how big a fish you can catch in 3 foot of water.

WHITE BASS: Schooled in with the crappie.They are trying to due the same thing the crappie are and spawn.Caught several today in the 1 1/2 - 2 lb class that I
have never seen before.

STRIPE: Schooled in with crappie also.We had 8-9 big stripe today trolling with Mrs. Cheryl's jigs for crappie.Anytime you see the birds working on the water you
can take a 1/16 oz jig and just wear them out.Do it on a ultra-light with 6lb. test and you will have you hands full.

CATFISH: Generally all you want to catch around the fish cleaning stations until there is too much food for them to chose from.Some going into the 25-30 lb

BREAM: Still zip.

This report is based on what myself and my partners are doing.We will be glad to help you even if you do not hire a guide.We just like to help everyone that
comes to Weiss to have a good time and we try to tell it like it is.See you at breakfast! By the way, scroll down to the bottom of this page and you can get a
weather report.(Don't guarantee the accuracy of it..LOL) Sincerely, Steve www.lakeweissguideservice.com or clp-pope@tds.net

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