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Posted by racerkvn on December 20, 2006 at 09:06:57:

In Reply to: Re: reply to another thread Decatur fishing today posted by BreamBuster on December 19, 2006 at 18:31:36:

I appreciate everyones opinions on the matter. I have to challenge some of ya'll to go out in the lake and look for a small jon boat sitting in wide open water, and tell me how far away you can see it, WHILE you are running down the lake and checking to make sure you ain't fixing to get run over from behind or the side, while also checking the water for debris. Don't matter if your boat only does 30-40 mph, you can not see it till you are up really pretty close. I can see fine, and just as I said in the other post, I wasn't one of the ones over there, and I can't speak for them or anybody else for that matter, all I did was make some suggestions, a couple of folks took it the wrong way, and thats fine, everybody reads things differently. My offense comes when you assume ANYBODY with a fast boat is out to get you, flood your boat, and take your fish! I really could care less what you fish out of and where you are fishing. It's all fun! I will not put myself in a dangerous position just to catch a few fish, whether I'm in my 20 foot boat or my jon boat. You can make your own decisions. If you choose to fish in the narrowest parts of the river system, that just happens to be a channel, that is well used I might add, well....I have to say you have set yourself up for trouble, be it fast boats, or big cabin cruisers! Plain and simple.

On the other comment about floating debris in the water, that is UNAVIODABLE hazards and acts of Mother Nature. If you are running down the main channel, you have done your part to not be an idiot. There is always going to be stuff floating in the water, but when you hit something in 20 to 30 foot of water, you simply have to look at it as, s*** happens! Your number came up. Nothing more and nothing less, you took the precautions and ran in the channel, of course if your the back waters at Decatur, you are asking for trouble, and your an idiot, your number is close! On a side note to that, again I believe I can speak about this because, I totaled a boat down on Wilson while night fishing earlier this year. Now I know some of you people are probably thinking what an idiot to be running 60-70 mph at night! Well, your wrong, I was doing 30-35 mph. The boat was capable of 70+, but I have more common sense than that. Alot of folks believe that just because the boat and owner is capable of high rates of speed, it/he does it every where he goes. That is not the case, as said in my first post, the owners of these 3 brands of boats, usually have more common sense than to run at high rates of speed when conditions are not favorable.

Good luck to everyone, hope everyone has a Wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year!!

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