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Posted by jd on November 15, 2006 at 11:16:35:

In Reply to: Re: Hostile Condemnation....sort of posted by Kerry Grissett on November 12, 2006 at 23:11:01:

Let a sleeping dog lie? Not on a windy, rainy day that aint fit for burning vacation to go fishing!

I have been working to better myself as a person and frequently try to figure out the right thing to do. Ranting and raving has not gained me much favor over the years when things don't go the way I think is best. Giving this final opinion is probably no good for anyone and will not make a difference for anything. Perhaps the double negative will fix it!

Kerry, I don't think you are right or wrong because there is only opinion as to the way we deal with others that trespass against us. Your comment was "Perhaps one reason why things "are the way they are" is because too many people simply turn their heads, avert their eyes, or otherwise stick their heads in the sand instead of standing up and at least saying "Stop it! We won't stand for that type of behavior"."

Let us not forget T-roy's story about getting the gun pulled on him for such behavior. No fishing hole is worth dying. If someone blows past everyone sitting in traffic to cut in front of someone at the exit ramp, did that person win the competition of life? Perhaps the winner is the person that did not get upset or react to that person. The person that had the ABILITY to turn the other cheek is better off. I am not that person, but would like to become that person. Things will never be like they were in any aspect of life. Like one person said, this is life so get in the game. That is what I am trying harder and harder each day to do. The golden rule is the ultimate rule that always prevails. We are supposed to pray for forgiveness for those that trespass against us. This has been going on for thousands of years or there would not be such infamous writings and prayers. Nope, I am not NOT trying to drag religion into this as we have already included politics!

For those that are courteous, willing give up your spots to avoid conflict, fish another spot in spite of yesterday's success due to someone else sitting there... I commend you. Your good is certainly better than the bad that is demonstrated by many others. Someone else had a good point about our children watching our reactions - thanks! I really need to work on that too. I have become a whiny, miserable SOG with all of life's details.

Not a bad off-season thread, though I am not sure what was accomplished with such a subjective topic. I am going to try my best to make something good out of all these keystrokes on a miserable Fall day in the office.


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