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Posted by Frank Thornton on November 13, 2006 at 16:36:34:

In Reply to: Re: Hostile Condemnation....sort of posted by racerkvn on November 13, 2006 at 12:05:28:

Dat-gum-it, I been trying to keep my dawg outta this here hunt, but dang his time, he dun broke loose. I just gotta drop anchor and say sumthing. For most of my life I been told that all fishermen are liars, but not all liars are fishermen (some be politicians, lawyers an such). Now I donít agree completely with that above statement: But you know what one bad apple will do to a bucket full of them, let alone a whole barrel, some of them just plain needs to be thrown out afore it gets worse.
Now in our society, we tend to judge based upon things we hear, see, feel or even do. Now these here PROíS for the most part are like lawyers, they didnít start off to be so bad and rotten, but stuff happens to them. Money, money, Greed, Power, power, and money. These things put a hurtin on Courtesy, common sense, and other rational behavior when they are out there on the water. But some of them do some mighty good things when they are on dry land. That is true for most of us out there trying to fool one of Godís creatures into biting.
Now I fish out of a 20í bass boat, and I have done my share of Bass fishing, but now mostly Crappie and bream. I been durn nigh run over by duck hunters, even had their pellets flung my way when there were no ducks in my boat. Iíve had bank fishermen put large weights on their 6-8# test line and fling it out toward me, when there was no way they could fish out where I was. Iíve had Jet skiers, pleasure boaters, big ole house boat and even pontoons trying to play bumper boat with me, and throw me outta my boat, cut my line and just other wise try to make my life unbearable. Iíve read the stories of some of the guides having folks pull guns on them, and like I said, Iíve had pellets hit around me.
Iíve seen lots of folks fishing around the bridges here lately, some on the bank and others in various sized boats. Some of the boats were tied off, some anchored, and some drifting around. Now there is a no wake zone under these bridges to prevent erosion, but Iíve seen the proís, local bass fishermen, duck hunters, pleasure boaters and other types of fishermen, just about wash some of these folks off the bank and boaters onto the bank; that jest aint right. I know that I been guilty at some point in time of being discourteous to folks out there on the water. I try not to do that, but sometime I just canít help it. Please forgive me when you see me do it, and trust me I aint doing for money.
I quit hunting for some of these same reasons, cause everybody out there got a GUN.
Courtesy, respect, truthfulness, aint taught or required anymore in our homes, schools, work and play places. That be a SHAME, but that just the way it isÖIíll pull up my anchor and move on nowÖTight lines and good luck to all yall..

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