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Posted by racerkvn on November 13, 2006 at 12:05:28:

In Reply to: Re: Hostile Condemnation....sort of posted by Bud on November 13, 2006 at 11:08:32:

The really sad thing's not always the Bass Pros that is inconsiderate! I thinks it's in todays society, more profoundly now. I was bank fishing one morning at WestDike, my buddy and I were the only ones there for about an hour, and we caught alot of really good bass, 2 to 5 lb range, probably 20 bass in an hour, these people walk up, and one of them freaking stands on the rock right next to me! I had to actually turn sideways to not rub shoulders with this idiot! I asked them, if this was the only spot they knew how to fish, they said we was here yesterday and caught some fish, thought they'd try it again, I said we had been there for over an hour and ain't catchin' nothing. Well as luck would have it, this idiot catches one, of course on this day, they were almost jumping on the bank, and turns says to me, ain't that a bit**, ya'll been here for an hour and ain't caught nothing! I was so mad I couldn't see straight, my buddy got me away from them, before it got ugly. We were the better fisherman, because we left, and didn't continue into a fight.

I also fish some smaller tournies night fishing on Wilson, and we always have the a**hole that comes so close that I can through over his boat, if we catch one. Same thing just Jack fishing, if you catch one, you'll have 5 other boats crowd you to the point of not even being able to cast!! That just makes me mad, and I have voiced my opinion to many people over the years because of it. I am absolutley one of the nicest fisherman you'll ever met, I will give way to somebody even if I have been there long before them, but I ain't leaving until I get ready.

So my point is, money does cause alot problems with fisherman, but I think it is the fact that alot of people in general, don't have the respect that the older generation had. It's not just the professional anglers, it's the bank fisherman too, and some of the crappie folks and jack folks. Some of these unrespectful people just can't comprehend that the lake is full of fish, not just a spot you see somebody catch in, or you have caught in before, if somebody else is there, go some where else, or be mindful of the people that is there.

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