Hostile Condemnation....sort of

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Posted by shinedown on November 11, 2006 at 20:09:23:

Mr. Grissett...all of us who spend time on the water have experienced this. From bass fisherman with hot rod boats to drunkards on a jet ski. Its frustrating i know. However, using such collective criticism isn't fair.

I am a proud young bass fisherman, and i love to fish tournaments. Are you calling me a jerk? I have some close friends that didn't come from much that are successfully working their way up through the program that FLW offers..r you calling them a jerk? "BPrice" is right. Don't judge the entire tournament fishing community because of the unfortunate smog that lurks around the origin of the sport. I think we take for granted the importance of background and values.

Yes your right i know your thinkin it..$$$$.Thats what it is all about. And a lot of these guys that come down have green in their eyes and are oblivious to anything else. But not everyone. Not everyone was taught to respect the water and the people on it. No matter how different each of us are, there is one thing that should bring us together. You don't even know me..but because we both share a passion and respect for the muddy water that runs through our roots and veins..we share a common ground and can communicate in a realm that we all take for granted.

Its fun man it is... to me there is nothing like gettin together with a whole mess of buddies throwin in some cash and fishin with a lil' adrenaline on the line. That doesn't suppress my feelings and respect for what those waters have taught me in the last twenty years. These guys come to town and they are proud i know. Some are cocky, but you gotta see some of these kids' faces light up. There is a message that the FLW brings to town every time they come. Its up to you to perceive it as good or bad. I say it gives a lot of people hope. It gives people something to relate to. I know spendin time on the river kept me out of heap of trouble when i was in school. How many young people you think are introduced to the outdoor experience because of programs like the FLW? It is possible for tournament fishing to be fun and respectable. Come fish with us sometime..(Alabama Family Anglers) we'd love to have u. You could argue forever the hundreds of boat wakes, muddy water,$$$ invested. Your right. I'm just asking you to take a closer look. Yes i have fished with some jerks. But i have tournament fished with some people that changed my life and touched my heart also.

Please post guys this issue bothers me. (and the argument will never subdue)..I think your argument is acceptabe. I wouldn't say it is the sport that is bad...I think the problem resides in the fisherman that were never taught to respect the water and your fellow fisherman.

Just a few of my the forum..good fishin guys/gals


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