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Posted by Alex on July 06, 2006 at 20:42:53:

In Reply to: Wilson Lake Pointers? posted by Jon Stovall on July 05, 2006 at 09:56:53:

Jon Stovall, like BPrice stated, pray for current! If there is no current during the day stay home! Louis T. has the right idea for this time of the year on Wilson. Fish at night!

Wilson in my opinion is either HOT or it’s a BUST! I have never experienced fantastic catches when TVA in not pulling current. During this time of the year the current like you mentioned can be very hard to predict. If the current is not consistent, the fish will spread out and station themselves on secondary points and long tapering points like Louis stated. This is when night fishing comes into play.

I like using a 1/8 ounce bear hair jigs in black and red. Like Louis I also like to use a pork trailer. The only difference is I use the tiny plastic chunk made by Zoom. The particular color is Tomato seed. The exact jig I use is a Hoppe’s hair jig with the single weed guard. When using this set up I always use 8 lb test. For many, this might seem insane but because of fishing deep bluff walls and long tapering points, there is not much they can hang you up on. Just make sure you have a smooth drag and sharpen the hooks and retie after each fish. I feel your chances of getting bites are higher with lighter lines. Another favorite is ˝ ounce spinner baits. Black and Reds along with Black and Purples are great choices. On a bright moon, use a single silver Colorado blade and on a dark moon, use a black Colorado blade. I really don’t like using spinner baits because of the lack of bites and possible HEART ATTACKS! From my experience I have never limited out on spinner baits but have had some very BIG and explosive hits. Make sure you fish these on lines no less than 20 lbs. Spider wire in 60 lb test would be safe!

If you must fish during the day on Wilson, I have had many good days on Bill Normans Baby N. The particular color I like to use is a lavender shad (white bottom and sides, purple on top). I fish this bait on main lake points and wind blown coves. It is also very effective around wood, especially isolated logs and stumps. As far as the current is concerned, I have some ideas but Kerry would be able to answer more thoroughly.

I guess if I had to offer any advice on Wilson, it would be to fish slowly and use the lightest line possible. Finesse worms with a 1/8-3/16 ounce weight are very good choices for this time of the year. The colors you might try are Key lime pie, sour grape, green pumpkin, water melon seed, and (my night fishing buddy is going to kill me………BLACK). When all else fails, a black finesse worm is hard to beat! Good luck and wear those life jackets.

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