Re: when to fish picwick for bass

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Posted by Joseph Fristoe on February 01, 2006 at 08:06:06:

In Reply to: Re: when to fish picwick for bass posted by jhef on February 01, 2006 at 07:30:22:

Hehe....just getting some venting done before teh stripers start biting. I'm tired of the "bassholes" thathold in the current with their trolling motor or gas motor and keep everyone from fishing ESPECIALLY when only number 11 is boat fishing it. That's when they get either an ear full or get waked. It's funny...the bass tournament ppl...not all....but always one of them when this happens...are VERY inconsiderate. I wonder how they would like it if the "favor" was returned to them when they were fishing a tourney? The real funny thing is...they think their big money boat can make them catch stripe...when in fact...them holding in teh current actually makes them catch less fish. It makes their lure/bait swim less naturally than if they were drifting like the rest of us.'s called being courteous. Ask some of the tailrace guides how many "bassholes" they run into. Maybe somebody needs to talk these guys into spending more money on seminars that teach them how to fish instead of them blowing all the money on a big expensive "non-tailrace" boat.

Sorry for the rant guys....end of the season was a real chore trying to get a drift in with all these bassboats hogging the drift....and not catching jack. We had to work but we still caught 5 or 6 times what they did.

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