Why the NAFF is here?

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Posted by Kerry Grissett on January 24, 2006 at 22:46:06:

Although I haven't been posting much lately, it doesn't mean that I am not reading every post made on the NAFF.

I am certain some folks think this is simply a place to poke fun and provide "entertainment" for themselves when they are bored. I also believe these same people have some sort of vendetta against folks who don't care for or have anything good to say about tournament (especially bass tournaments) fishing.

Some of these posts have come from US military IP addresses. That makes me sad. I respect the US military and believe that I am not dealing with actual enlisted armed service personel in these matters. I am pretty sure that these are "civilian contractors" who obviously don't have the training and discipline of military personel which would preclude them from posting frivolous messages simply for entertainment with absolutely no valuable information for the other users of this forum. I am also sure that actual enlisted or commissioned personel would be very angry to know that this kind of messaging was coming from military IP addresses. It is a matter of respect. I respect and appreciate the military and what they do, but there are some using military IP addresses who apparently don't mind staining the US military by their postings here.

Although the nature of this forum may lead some to believe that it is not a serious fishing related forum, I can assure you that this assumption is not correct.

The NAFF has a great following of great people who try very hard to help each other and anyone who is seriously interested in fishing our area, as long as they are willing to follow the state laws and regulations and have some "common sense" about "common courtesy and ethics" on the water. Those things are in quotes as it seems to be that courtesy and good sense are less and less common these days on and off the water and especially when it comes to "big" bass tournaments.

My apologies to those who are subscribed to the NAFF via Email. Recently, there were some posts which were inappropriate for this forum. Most of them came from Canada (Toronto) or were "proxied" from that area.

As this is still an open forum, it is impossible to keep these messages from getting through initially and therefore from getting into the NAFF via Email. However, I do take these "attacks" seriously and I do follow-up on them. The IP addresses are banned in a block (entire ranges) and I contact the IP administrator(s), although I have never had much luck there when the IP is out of the US.

I have had good cooperation with the US Military IP administrators and will continue to contact them in extreme cases.

OK, enough said, I hope.

Back to why the NAFF is here. I love fishing, although I don't get to do much of it these days. That was the real reason why I started the NAFF and the fact that there was nothing on the net like the NAFF in 1999 or before. Now, there is still nothing else like the NAFF on the net. This is the only OPEN message forum dedicated to fishing in Alabama which is not driven by the almighty dollar and is not biased by sponsors or affiliations. I am proud to say that. If anyone thinks differently, email me with your comments. I will be glad to debate you privately. Otherwise, keep it out of the NAFF.

Good luck and good fishin'

Kerry Grissett

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