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Posted by dont be concerned on November 27, 2005 at 00:28:09:

In Reply to: Re: Trout Fishing at Sipsey Fork posted by Concerned on November 26, 2005 at 20:59:16:

from the name you chose to use and the leaning of your text am I to assume that you think we are somehow breaking the law? You know I have fished rainbows since the first day they put them in. I was there with my grtgrandpa that used to own all the land below the dam when they dropped the first ones in. I would think I know how many we can legally take.

Yes we take a bucket. A bucket each. Its rough climbing over the rocks every time you get a fish to go to the member of our party currently toting the bucket. We all have our own preferred spot many yards apart.

I dont know if you have fished there much but many including some of the fly fishermen take a plastic bucket to put their fish in to keep them in water and alive. Of course considering the size of the rainbows there I can only say that the fly fishing creel basket I also own would easily hold twice the limit if someone chose to do that. Point your snobbery somewhere else.

Your post reminds me of the worst person I have met there yet. We walked up and stayed plenty far away so as not to disturb him. He was decked out like he was trying out for a part in A River Runs Through It pt2. I caught three in thirty or so minutes while he beat the top of the water to death with a leader he couldnt have had any real experince with. Being polite I casually said "Im glad I brought my olive drab woolleys with me" My way of offering a lil help he desparately needed. Anyway I caught the rest of my limit. I sat on a rock and took pictures of my disabled son catching his fish. The fly guy walked by me after over an hour with nary a bite and said

"Someone needs to explain catch and release to you. That way other might cath a fish one day"

Of course you know we caught all 3500 they dropped in the week before and all of the stock left from previous stockings.

That seems to be the type attitude of about 85 percent of the out of county fly fisherment that I have encountered while fishing there over the years. They dont do real well and then stare at us and make judgements and assumptions because they dont have a clue what they are doing. I have fly fished Alaska,Colorado and Montana and a lil in Tenn. I know what the creel limits are.

But I keep going there to fish just as my ancestors fished it since 1823. SO instead of being a smart aleck they should learn to be better sportsmen and better neighbors and they might get free flies and a little free help that wont cost them 200 dollars for 4 hours.

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