Beer and Dummies (Check this story out !)

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Posted by Red on September 08, 2005 at 10:35:44:

In Reply to: Beer In Boats For Dummies posted by Norman Clature on September 08, 2005 at 05:15:55:

Sunday, I was on the river with my 6 and 3 year old. I pull my boat onto the shore on the Marshall County side of the river between Ditto and Black's Bluff. About 45 mins later a boat with 6 people (4 adults and two childern and a big bull/boxer type dog) pull their boat on the shore about 150 yards up river from us. All the adults were drinking beer. After, about 15 minutes the dog came running down the shore, ran right pass me and my 6 year old and swam out about 20 yards into the river and jump on top of my 4 year old and scatch him down the back and push him underwater and scare him about to death. He was screaming like you were cutting his fingers off (he does this on occassion). I barely got to my 3 year in time to get the dog off of my son. The dog was huge (~ 125 lbs).
The dog then swam around the back of my boat and got tangled in the two fishing poles/lines I had cast way out in the river with 5 ounce weights for catchfish with cut bait bream.
The oldest of the adults walked down there said he was sorry, but could ot catch the dog but rather sort of herded it back toward their boat.
I did not say anything other than he should gain control of the dog ASAP.

I finally got my 3 year son settle down and just ready to go back in the water swimming when here comes the dog running full speed down the bank toward us again. Again, the dog has his eye on the 3 year old and basically ignores me and the 6 year old.

I put both of the boys in the back of the boat.

I dog begins to swim around the boat and on the shore eyeing both the boys and is seriously thinking about jumping in the boat.

Again, the olderst adult walks down to where we are attempts to catch the dog but can't. The other adults and childern remain around their boat.

OK, this is were I almost snapped.

I pulled one my guns out, loaded it and inform him to get control of the dog NOW ! OR I was going to kill it

Again he was not able to catch it but herded back toward their both were they, all together... were finally able to catch the the dog and put it in their boat.

Prior to leaving the eldest female adults came down the shore close to me and was cursing me and threating that she was going to call the law on me, etc. My 6 and 3 year old are speachless. I say nothing.

They finally got the dog and her and the rest loaded up and they headed on up river. I stayed for about an hour to see if any law enforcement would show up. They did not.

This almost became an extremely dangerous situation that I believe was fuel by achohol and general stupidity.

Not sure if the guy had been drinking so much he could not catch the dog of why the other adults were not running to help the eldest catch the dog.

In any event, you guys tell me what you would have done and what I should have done.

I love dogs and we have a 9 year old lab that the kids love.

I was raised not to cause trouble.

I was also raised to end it if need be.

Many times my Dad goes with us on these outing to spend time with his only grandchildern.

I thank God he was not there.

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