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Posted by Snapperking on February 27, 2005 at 15:50:02:

In Reply to: Alabama's position on gill nets - link posted by Kerry Grissett on February 27, 2005 at 01:44:53:

Glad it was you Kerry that said it so nice!! Had it been me there would have been a lot of expletive deleteds to go with exactly what you said!!My dad and I have seen gill nets results all our lives on the big G as well as below g ville dam ,I think its a great reason the Sauger fishing went from boom 2 years ago too bust now below Gville dam and who can forget the "small" crappie syndrom we had 2 years ago.I said all along it was the netters as i watched one person put out 12 nets around the Short creek bridge in October of 2003 and as recently as this past november run at least 6 out in front of the Browns creek Bridge on the river side.I have had my tires punctured with roofing nails the commie fishermen threw out at the boat ramps when we tried a few years back to get the nets stopped on gville.Red bug was right only in the fact that a man has the right to make a living fishing commercialy.I am sure there are a few ethical commercial fishermen out there,but all it takes is a few that arent to ruin it for all.They all have the right to make a living commercialy but it doesnt give them the right to break the law when doing it.Gill nets cleanout an area ,trot lines do not ,pro fishermen do kill a few but they dont clean out entire areas and they release 99% of the fish back. C-fishermen on the other hand, if they do release like they should any game fish,have in most cases damaged the fish to where it will be lucky to live .My casual conversation with a C- fisherman a few years back revealed that the biggest buyer of our Alabama netted fish was out of Chicago.And it wasnt rough fish he was referring to.They were paying top dollar for ANY fish.I know one man who has commercial fished all his life, fishing below gVille dam but all he ever fishes with is trot lines, limb lines, and boxes. He alos rec fishes and has told me where the game fish like to run along the bank and such .He knows the river like it was his back yard but he has had netters actually cover up his lines for him,so they do back stab their comrades if it means more fish for them.Kerry you are right when you mention the game warden shortage,its like open season for anyone comerciallyor rec fishing knowing the chances are slim at best they will get checked or caught.But not only hiring more wardens will help but making sure they arent bought out before they get into the field will be just as important, as a lot of threats will made toward them if they start busting old line commercial fishermen who have "known" or "gotten along with" the former wardens.

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