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Posted by James Morris on February 01, 2005 at 22:16:39:

I am a long time lurker here. When the site closed it made me think about all the things Kerry and the others here have taught me about fishing. A few years ago I bought my first boat and started river fishing. I didnít have any close family or friends that fished so, most all (of the very little) I know came from reading and searching this and a couple other sites. When you make a post it not only helps the people that read it now but countless others over time can learn by using the search feature. I had many limits of crappie the last two winters using a technique I learned here (bass assassin, unpainted jig head, 6-pound line). I think thatís pretty amazing being as 3 years ago I had never been crappie fishing.

One of the 2 or 3 post Iíve made here was asking for help on techniques to catch enough and keep my 3 young sons interested in fishing. Of the several responses I received came an email from a man named Steve Pope (GOD bless him and may He rest in peace). Steve not only told me how to rig (1/2oz bell sinker on bottom, 1/64 unpainted jig head 2í up baited with a cricket) but, also the best place to buy crickets and a spot where I would be guaranteed to catch fish. The very first time we went we caught well over 100 bream. Itís a day my sons and me will never forget. Iíve used the technique many other places and times with great success including; with my wife, my mother (70), an elder friend from work, and several kids in my extended family some of which had never fished before.

As I grow older I understand more the importance of paying good deeds forward. Kerry runs this site with no self-gain as do many who post here. I have been selfish in taking information from this site and not posting any in return. I fish 100+ days a year and although I am relatively new and have many fishless trips, I might help someone. I promise to try and post more in the future.

Kerry thank you for this site.

Guntersville Fishing Report 1-30-05

I put in at Morgans Cove which is way in the back of South Sauty creek at around 12:00pm. This was my first trip with a new underwater camera I got for Christmas so I mostly looked at some of my favorite spots around there and did very little fishing. The water in the creek was around 46 on the surface and as cold as 43 on the bottom at 10í to 20í deep. The water was very clear and I could see the bottom at around 10í deep in places. I fished my spots only a few casts each with the albino shad colored bass assassins on a 1/16Ē unpainted head. Then moved in and dropped the camera. I only caught a few small bream and 1 small spotted bass. I didnít see any baitfish or small shad with the camera. I did see a few large shad and lots of drum on the bottom. Bream where everywhere, thousands of them also lots of bass and good numbers of crappie. The crappie were definitely tight to the cover (mostly wood but some on rocks) and were really bunched up and very lethargic. Not a very productive day catch wise but I had a great time with the camera and enjoyed seeing the spots Iíve fished so many times before. I loaded the boat at around 4:oopm.

Thanks for reading,
James Morris

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