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Posted by Red on November 30, 2004 at 09:37:24:

In Reply to: Fishing Etiquette posted by Carl B on November 29, 2004 at 10:16:23:

Once I was fishing the Big G with a preacher friend of mind. We fished the same place everytime we fished.

Once morning we proceeded in his boat to the same old spot.

There was a professional fisherman sitting right on the spot.

Anyway, Billy brougth his boat to a stop about 300 yards out from the guy and we begin fishing that area waiting for the guy to move on around the bank and he did in about 20 mintues.

When he did, Billy trolled on up to the spot.

When he did that, the guy that left the spot came back toward us and asked Billy

"Is that how you find your fishing spots ?"

Well, Billy is a little hard of hearing and is the nicest guy you will every meet.

Billy replied "Find, how are you this morning"

The guy exploded into obscenities and jump off the front deck, crank his boat and slammed it in forward and took off like a bat out of H, and flip us a bird as he left.

Billy said "Guess he was having a bad day".

After I explained to Billy what the other guy had asked him and reminded him on how he replied, Billy really felt bad and wanted to follow/catch up the guy to apologize.

I think what put the guy over the edge was when I burst out laughing when Billy replied to him on his original question.

Anyway, I talked Billy out of trying to catch the guy to apologize.

Some people wake up in a new world everyday.

Quote "Fishing is fun" - My 3 year old.



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