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Posted by Snapperking on November 04, 2004 at 23:21:14:

In Reply to: Question on pier fishing equipment.... posted by Bob on November 04, 2004 at 12:49:41:

OK salt fishing off the pier, surf and jetties is sort of like may start out with one club but soon end up with a lot for each different situation.I started out with one K-mart combo special and now have 5 different pier rods and reels HA!!I have always used spinning reels for salt ,with the Penn z or ss series being the best i have used.I have a friend that uses his bass casting reel so its a matter of preference i guess when it comes to reels but i think most of the locals always use spinners .For the money one of the salt combos that they sell at the local wal-marts there on the coast is very adequate if you give it a fresh water bath after everytime you use it in salt water and make sure it holds a minium of 200yds of 15 to 17 lb test or more. If you have striper gear for up here it will work very nice too in salt.I have used all line sizes but have found that you need a heavier line usually because it can withstand hitting a rock or pier better than the smaller lines which will be cut quicker when you hit into a barnacle. But i have found that 17 lb test is the best for over all line test because i have caught 44 inch redfish while fishing for 12 in flounder and 10 inch black snapper.As for what to use that depends on what you are fishing for. If you are only into artificials then you will need a few D.O.A. lures and gottcha plugs along with a bubble rig which is a glorified version of our freshwater chuggers we use for stripe,but you use these to catch Spanish Mackerl.You can also use the same lead head(5/16 size) and curly tail jigs(3in) as we do here for sauger to catch Flounder,just tip it with a strip of cut bait and bounce it along the sandy bottom. If you like to live bait then you need to use a #10 barrel swivil and # 6 eagle claw hook on an 18 inch leader with a egg sinker of about 1 oz above the barrel.The bait of choice is a BULL MINNOW.its candy to anything that swims ,and that doesnt swim (grin) herons and gulls like them too !!! Hook them thru the lips and cast out parellel to the jetty rocks or fish them straight down beside the pier pilings on the bottom. The second choice of live bait is shrimp ,everything loves them too but unfortuantely the pin fish a salt water version of our bluegill eats them before anything good can get to them 90% of the time.This is just a very brief and general over view hope it helps some But like the other poster said pay a dollar and WATCH the locals ,thats what I had to do to figure out the Mackeral fishing and flounder too.SOme of them dont mind telling you how either if you ask.Screaming spinning reels to you!!!

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