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Posted by Bluewater on October 18, 2004 at 11:44:30:

In Reply to: Shad and courtesy with nets below the dam posted by Kerry Grissett on October 11, 2004 at 00:20:26:

I have to reply to this - even though it's against my better judgement. I agree that boaters should exercise more courtesy to bank fishermen, as I've seen some pretty rude behavior in the past. When the only place to get shad minnows is against the bank, I now always dock at the cut-thru below Wheeler Dam and then walk the bank to cast-net my bait. It is a pain in the butt, but a least I am trying to show some respect to the bank fishermen... Even then, I've had people at the cut thru bitch and complain about me coming thru there - just goes to show that no matter what you do - you're almost sure to make someone mad!

What I really wanted to comment on was your mention of "a few rock and lead weights your way from some folks" - this REALLY makes my blood boil! First of all, guess what? BOATERS HAVE THE RIGHT OF WAY... Period. Check the laws if you don't believe me. Second, rock and lead weights? Are you an idiot or what? I can't believe you even posted that on your web-site. Let me tell you a story about an incident several years ago that nearly had a tragic ending... I was fishing in my boat on the outside of the first boils at Wheeler Dam and trying stay out of "range" of the bank fishermen's casts and not interfere with their fishing. Well one particular guy obviously did not think that I was far enough and started heaving a very large pyramid weight at my boat. The first time I noticed it I thought it was an accident errant cast. His next cast ALMOST hit me in the head! It was then that I noticed all that was on his line was a weight. To say I was mad was the understatement of the century! If he'd have hit me it would have killed me or seriously injured me at best. I ran my boat up on the wall and told that man if he EVER did that again - it would likely be the last time he ever did it. Soon as I went back out, here came the weight. Well that dumb-ass almost lost his life that day because I was so mad I wanted to shoot him, and was well equiped to do just that. Wisely, I just left and went home - he'll never know how close he came to pushing up daises and me spending the rest of my days behind bars, or worse. Now I carry a sling shot and .45 cal lead balls (and am VERY accurate with it). I've only had one other incident and after "returning fire with a shot across the bank fishermans bow" - I asked if the individual was "finished" - which he most certainly was and apologized!

The bottom line here is that general courtesy to your fellow man is a darn good thing that there is too little of displayed these days. I certainly agree that boaters ought to be considerate of bank fishermen and give them plenty of room - just as much as if the boaters were confined to the banks. That courtesy needs to go both ways.

Cussing someone out is one thing - but validating chunking rocks/lead weights at boaters is asking for trouble, and was not a wise post (in my opinion) for someone such as yourself.

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