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Posted by jd on October 15, 2004 at 09:59:26:

In Reply to: NAFF web page posted by Alex on October 15, 2004 at 07:32:10:

Wow - After searching the NAFF for my name, I did not realize how opinionated that I have been in the past 4 years. hehe. I certainly did not agree with Kerry in the beginning, mostly due to his approach and tone. However, years have gone by and I believe that many of us have changed for the better.

As for the questionable post, regardless of the question of advertising, well, it really had nothing to do with fishing. It was a topic that obviously interested fisherman, but did not fit the forum in my opinion. I almost replied, but knew that Kerry would be making his rounds as he has done as long as I have been around.

There is a fine line between suggesting a product and advertising for that product. I posted advice regarding maps the other day that certainly could have been construed as advertising, though I have no vested interest in that company.

Kerry does what many moderators do not - he justifies his actions. Many forums would simply delete a post deemed inappropriate, and delete a follow-up thread too if it got too large.

Kerry has discussed expanding the NAFF in the past. I do enjoy "horse-trading" and think that classifieds among north Alabama fisherman would be useful at times. But, then again, many web-based classifieds go stale quickly. Also, I realize that the cost of ISP fees goes up sharply when the site is considered "commercial" in nature. Therefore, this existing format might be the best balance for everyone.

It seems obvious, at least to me, that a fee-based forum would be a flop based on the good ol' boys that I have grown up with over the years in North Alabama. I believe Kerry has implemented the formula that is best for the end-user, but comes with a price of his time and money. A small price to pay (free), for a product that keeps me hoping and dreaming when I am locked-down in the office. I enjoy the diversity of fish native to the TN River and the number of fisherman that provide information much of the year.

Opinions are like bung holes - everybody's got one. I am no diplomat, and neither is Kerry. He is just a guy that decided to build a web site that can do whatever he desires. He has been respectful and fair in the past, as long as you give the same to him. If you are looking for a good arguement, go and watch Jerry Springer. Now that I have finished in true redneck fashion, I just want to say: Keep up the good (hard) work Kerry!

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