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Posted by Snapperking on September 08, 2004 at 11:12:46:

In Reply to: Re: Gunterville Crappie posted by Kerry Grissett on September 07, 2004 at 23:49:08:

HI,Kerry, until the mid-70's it was the reverse of how it is now.Everything was a white and to catch a black Crappie was a rarity.You had to go to Weiss to catch them in mass quanities.Use to be,you could put out a tree top and the white crappie would be all over it with in 4 to 6 weeks.It was in the mid 70's we started noticing that we were catching fewer white Crappie and the ones we caught were huge with almost no small ones ever being caught.It seem to coincide with the huge amounts of grass that were covering up the shallow road beds and other traditional stumpy bedding areas we were use to catching them near,in the spring.There also were 2 major floods during the spawn in the 70's that I think helped set them back too,starting with the one in 72 or 3 that actually ran water over Guntersville dam and flooded parts of south Huntsville.I also think the 50 Crappie a day with no size limit and the onset of every one having a sonar hurt them too.You could run the old creek banks in the dead of winter and find huge schools suspended and limit out sinkng a small jig down to them.Before sonar you had to drift for them. The Game people were too little too late with the their assessment that they were in trouble.I had started telling the tva survey people about it but they were only interested in researching other species . I was sent a letter from Mr Kelly the head of the wildlife department after I had written to them, suggesting that they look at a re-stocking program for the Guntersville Whites,that told me that stocking programs for crappie didnt work based on the outcome of some trials in some Tenn lakes!!I took it to mean they didnt care or have the time or money to try .But fortunately the black crappies without the competition made a good replacement for their loss,and since they love the rocks ,concrete and grass ,they should be able to last,with good conservation practices,although who can forget the year of the small ones a couple of years ago!!I am thankful,now ,when ever i do catch a nice one like Alex for the memory it gives me of how it use to be.I usually return them and hope its a female that will raise a million new ones HA!I did catch quite a few back in February fishing below Guntersville Dam so those were Wheeler whites.I thought about taking them up above the dam and releasing them (grin) but their cousins,the black ones were biting to fast to take the time!!So I left them in Wheeler.

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