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Posted by TroyJ on September 07, 2004 at 21:08:49:

In Reply to: Re: Worth pointing out. posted by Alex on September 07, 2004 at 07:28:15:

Frances had me a day behind, dang this weather!

Alex, tournament anglers in the major events are expected to know the state regs, and it is mentioned at length at every meeting. At every BASS meeting we get a visit from the mayor or other city official, AND we get a LECTURE from either a warden or marine police officer as to laws, regs and especially boating safety. They make it a point to inform us that we will be ticketed for breaking any state law, running bridges, etc etc.. Lol, I recall at Eufaula last year, we were told we would go to jail same as everyone else. The Florida DNR were really strict, and laid down the law to us all. Here in Alabama at our BASS Open events, our officials do a great job. There have been many DQs over the years in BASS as a result of violations, and as a result, the vast majority of high-level tournament anglers are very well versed in the regulations. BASS is very, very strict, and make no exceptions. FLW is another story... lol. The license fiasco being just one of FLWs mis-haps. However, even at FLWs worst, it's better than a lot of non-tournament anglers I see out there with respect to conservation.

There is some grey area in what happend on Smith. The fish that broke off became not his fish the moment it broke the line. It's a little different than a deer running into the woods that has been shot. The intent was to kill the deer, not so in the case of the fish. Would taking any dead fish floating in the river and throwing it on the bank be breaking the law? I think a lawyer would have a lot of room for argument in this case.

Still, I agree 100%, there should be provisions made by tournament rules to properly deal with such a scenario. I'm not sure this type of case has ever come up for review among tournament officials. So, while I agree with your point, the rules of the event could not DQ the guy, because the law is unclear with respect to a fish that got away when it was not intended to be killed.

Believe me, I can take or leave tournaments. I remain on the outside looking in, and support only those organizations that want it done right. There are good aspects, and bad aspects depending on which organization. I believe BASS is headded in the right direction, with a huge focus on the future of family fishing, and many of those pros are not only already taking action, they have been for a long time. BASS has a conservation dpt, biologists and an effective lobby. I've dealt with their dpt first hand in the past, as you may recall during the grass wars. (By the way, about 90% of the people who showed up for that rally to save the habitat on Guntersville were tournament anglers, in part for the sport, but in a larger part because they have kids who love to fish). Ray is long gone, but the mission for conservation has grown with BASS.

I don't believe the FLW organization has the best interest of conservation in mind at this point, so I don't fish any of their events, no BFL, Everstarts OR FLW for me until that changes. However, many of the pro's who fish those events (real pros) are actively involved at their own local level, including many of those here in Alabama. And, to be fair, Wal-Mart (FLW Associated) puts a lot of money into family fishing. As far as I know, FLW has provided support for some fishing/conservation projects, but the premise of their organization doesn't impress me.

I do know for a fact that on a local level, the anglers here who fish tournaments have been and remain on the front lines, taking real action. They write the legislators, go to the meetings, talk about improvements at the bass club meetings, etc etc.. There is a lot going on that non-tournament anglers do not see, and a lot of common goals. Part of the reason I believe we should have discussions like this, and better communication.

Now, I'm off to fish the BASS on Eufaula... hurricane or no hurricane... lol.

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