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Posted by Gene Walk on September 03, 2004 at 14:47:53:

In Reply to: Ethics! posted by Alex on September 03, 2004 at 08:38:09:

Alex, thanks for the observations. I too have seen countless bass that have died after being released after a tournament. I know, some of the pros will jump in here and tell me how they use rejuvinade, etc., and how much money they bring in an area, and how much advertising dollars they contribute to the local economy, but in the long run, they are killing the resource. Lakes such as Guntersville, no matter how big, cannot take the constant beating that professional and club tournament fishermen deal out on a daily basis. Limits were originally written to allow the average fisherman to harvest a certain number of fish for their own consumption, not to let pros catch 4 times that amount in a day, cull some, drag others around in a boat all day, and put together the biggest stringer for a photo op. A human brain without oxygen for 3 minutes suffers brain damage. I have witnessed a lot of these fish out of water, i.e., no oxygen to their brains, for as long as 5 to 7 minutes at a time. If someone wants to refute me on that point, all they have to do is watch the video of the CITGO way-in on Guntersville this past spring, to see how long some of these fish were without water circulated oxygen through their gills, and I mean from the time the boat hits the shore, until they are put back. Word is that BASS wants the City of Guntersville to put up $50,000 in order for them to come back next year. I feel that BASS, FLW, Redman, Headturners, etc., should put up this money, and also start a restocking program in order to replenish the State's resource that they are using for their own monetary gain. I don't know about anyone else, but I have not benefited directly by having all these tournaments, other than having to live with more boats, more noise, and a lot of disregard from some, not most of the pros, during the tournaments. Since I know that eliminating the tournaments here is a pipe dream, at least until this lake no longer performs and produces for the pro's, and they turn their backs on this lake like they did to Enid, Watts Barr, and others, how about keeping the legal, daily limit of bass, but no culling. You keep what you catch, in the order that you catch them. One legal limit of fish caught, one legal limit of fish kept in the live well. Some of the pros will be back at the weight-in in 1 hour, some much later. I think that will be fair, and still meet the standards that the conservation limits dictate, and the rules that all others have to live by.

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