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Posted by TroyJ on May 21, 2004 at 22:25:22:

In Reply to: fighting milfoil posted by Preston on May 21, 2004 at 09:57:09:

I try not to post much, but maybe this will help.

I don't bream fish much, but being out there every day I see a lot. I used to bream fish as much as bass fish, and I learned a lot.

Alex had great advice I think, and it's a matter of learning to fish the grass.

I see a lot of old beds out there now, most of the bream are gone from them. Water temps are hitting 80. (80 degree water temps means willowfly hatch very soon) The bedding areas are still easy to see, lots of beds in the milfoil. Just look for the bald spots on the points. A lot of the bigger bream have moved to the ledges in the open water hydrilla, I saw literally thousands today in the grass beds on the channel. (Some bream followed my bass jig today and they were huge). Everywhere in the grass are small bream (2 to 3 inches... bass food... (LOL)!. And your future catches as well). Bream and bass fry up to fingerlings are also everywhere, it's like looking down into an aquarium with the water so clear in some areas now.

The folks south of here who've always had grass have it figured out, they bream fish with a long pole, dropping the baits straight up and down into the bedding areas in the grass without having to cast and drag baits through the grass. Rigging a small tube on a tiny hook in sort of a Texas-rig (weedless) works well for me. Put it about 2 feet behind a Thill and it's awesome for bream in the grass, and mostly weedless as well. Otherwise, drifting a tiny tube on 4-lb line along the grass lines, just outside the grass line in 10-15 feet will about catch all you want on the river ledge, and some big bream and summer shellcracker as well. (The shellies also love a jigging spoon in 18 to 25 feet). (yep, some big crappie also).

If you're into live bait, a piece of a night crawler on a small hook with a splitshot is all you need. Just a small chunk of worm, not the whole worm.

The post spawners can also be caught on the bluffs in 15 to 25 feet. It's great summer time bream fishing that a lot of people don't know about, and you don't have to deal with the grass.

Drifting/slo-trolling outside the weedline in the creeks (Seibold, Alreds, etc) in 12 to 14 feet works for me all summer long. (Again, tiny tube jig or piece of a piece of worm on a hook with a split shot).

When just looking around in the clear water, or when we put the underwater cams down we realize how much we need the grass for bass, bream AND crappie. It's awesome to see them on the view screen. It's easy to get hooked on watching them with the cam so bad you don't even pick up a rod! The grass is more than your friend, it's critical. It's just a matter of learning how to fish with it.

You can catch all you want this summer, but as always, be responsible with what you keep.

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