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Posted by Jimmy Yarbrough on May 11, 2004 at 21:19:31:

In Reply to: Re: Forum Content / back to basics posted by Rckmn on May 11, 2004 at 12:55:06:

Troy gives the best and most honest fishing reports on Guntersville and other lakes that he fishes on the BFHP. I always read and rely on his posts. His posts on this forum have been very appropriate in my opinion. I don't think Troy has an "agenda", but feels very passionatley about protecting our great sport of fishing.What's wrong with a guy feeling very strongly about his favorite sport and his livelehood? He's on the water nearly every day and sees a lot of things the average fisherman doesn't. His posts on gill nets, poachers, cormarants, etc. should be of concern to all of us that care about the future of our fishing. On second thought, maybe he does have an agenda, protecting our waters and fish populations, but nothing of a personal agenda. I appreciate him taking such an active stand and agree that too many of the rest of us complain, but don't do anything. For example, I complain about the decline of the bass population on Wheeler and feel that it's largely due to TVA fluctuating the water level during spawning, but I didn't attend the community meeting they held. I believe Kerry did and hundreds of us fishermen should have. Unless fishermen become more vocal and better organized, not much is going to be done to protect our fishing. Why do we need a 10 fish limit on bass? What can be done to get rid of cormorant and blue heron populations that are out of control? We need more people like Troy that will take a stand regardless of criticism. Troy, when you speak, a lot of people listen and I commend you on your conservation stand and hope you will keep on posting on this and other boards. You will never please everybody and I think the great majority of anglers that use this forum back you. The ones that don't have a right to disagree, but that's the way a democracy works. Say and do what you think is right and listen to the criticism and if it's valid accept it, otherwise just let it roll off and keep on voicing what you so strongly believe.To those that don't like Troy's posts, the solution is simple. Don't read them. I and many others will. Hang in there Troy.

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