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Posted by TroyJ on May 11, 2004 at 09:35:52:

In Reply to: Re: General discussion posted by Alex on May 11, 2004 at 07:10:30:

Lol, you have to love the Internet. I don't recall that specific post ont he BFHP. But, I don't fall for trolls, (I know about who all of them are). I may jump on a troll though, to make a point to the many thousands of readers.

The real point of people eating our fish who don't buy a license goes to the fact that small groups come here and take a LOT of fish back to feed their people, and in some cases, sell. (Yes, there is an illegal market for bass and crappie). Some groups come here several times a year to do it. Although, I do tell my friends if they can't buy a license and go with me, they don't need to eat any fish!

An example, the last few days I've seen a group of boats in South Sauty, they set up in one pocket, and fish it for hours. You think anything gets out of there alive? Then they move to the next pocket... meanwhile, some poor guy gets off of work this Friday, want's to take his kid fishing to South Sauty on Sat and when he get's there, wonders why he and his kid can only catch a few small bream. Some locals also wear them out, and much of it is due to the high legal limits. The guy below who said he has never caught 50 in his life from the bank, well, I can tell him why. I've seen the boats there duing the week loading up every one they catch, even tiny ones.

Remember the sauger fishing, how good it was in the mid 90s? I had several spots where I could whack 3-lb sauger. I took 1/2 a limit out about once every two weeks to eat during the peak season. These were main lake fish that nobody fished for. Well, they got found out, (partly my fault, I took the wrong friend to that hole). The entire area was laden with boats taking out every one they could. While out bass fishing, I watched the same boats in that stretch every day filling the limits. Some would get there early, leave for a few hours and come back after lunch and fish till dark. Guess what, you can't catch any sauger there now, probably won't be able to for several years.

With better equipment, and much more fishing information (especially the Net) people are becoming more efficient at getting on groups of fish. That's a good thing, but it's an increasing threat to the population of catchable fish for the average weekend guy, and eventually will be to the rest of us who fish on a regular basis. What's happend in other fisheries around the Nation tells the story.

Don't read my comments as a heated discussion, we all tend to read our own emotions into the words on the Net. It's simply about discussion, and I couldn't be any more laid back.

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