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Posted by Jamar on May 11, 2004 at 08:53:59:

First off let me say thanks to Kerry and anyone else who has assisted, i love this forum. i usually fish North of ditto due to it being so darn convienent to Hsv. Now my 2cents......valued @ 1/2 a penny.
Lately it seems that everyone has a soapbox and wants to argue their point to no end. I aint directing this towards anyone, just in general. its a pet peeve of mine to read everyones rants about their "dead horses". Lets not let this forum go the way of most other interenet forums that get overrun by these type posts.
Now on to subject matter, cant we just talk fishin? anyone wanna go fishin? i could use a spare boat launcher every now and then. I like to fish the flint/paintrock/cotaco areas along upper wheeler, and Gville tailrace if it aint a weekend. Have to say i have spent more time raising kids than fishin since in Hsv and havent found any real hott spots. I can find them on my own, but could use a buddy who may know where they are hidin in these areas or how to get them to bite.
By the way i am native 2 AL, avid conservationist & outdoorsman. If i see you in need i will help, if i see you doing a No-No i will confront you. I sometimes take more than i can eat cuz they dont always bite and i dont always get to go, ie in the freezer they go, no waste, ever. I also let them go if they got eggs. Dont keep LG mouth bass cuz i prefer eating crappie, stripes, & cats....(when i am out of trout and redfish).
Whew glad i got that off my chest! sorry for the lengthy post, but given that i post once or twice a yr i figured i would make it count for somethin.

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