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Posted by Alex on May 10, 2004 at 13:03:17:

I have not been fishing since my tournament due to illness. I feel better now though! I plan on fishing this week so I will report on what I do!

I have had the time to catch up on some posts and saw where some individuals were caught red handed for over the creel limit. All I can say is way to go ALABAMA!
Like Troy said these individuals do not need to come to ALABAMA to reap our waters.

I do however have a problem when someone says that no one should keep more than themselves or their families can consume in one meal. I for one catch a lot of crappie for several reasons. 1. I love to catch CRAPPIE, period! 2. My family has a dove hunt every year on opening day. There are at least 50 to 70 individuals that show up for the hunt, conversation, hospitality and yes the CRAPPIE feast. Nothing is ever wasted or thrown away. We do this once a year and enjoy every minute of it! A lot of these individuals are close friends. There are a few however who come that are not family. Again we enjoy the hunt and fish fry!

According to some people, I guess I am in the wrong because I have stock piled crappie to the point where my family and I cannot eat them at one sitting. Further more the individuals that I share these fish with might not have a fishing license, so they do not deserve to participate either. What was the old expression used here several days ago, “IF THEY CAN’T CATCH’UM, THEY DON’T NEED TO EAT’UM”. After reading that I came up with a new one!


Follow all State laws and creel limits and no one SHOULD point a finger at you! PERIOD!!!!!!

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