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Posted by Josh T on May 09, 2004 at 15:09:29:

In Reply to: Re: You've got to be kidding... posted by TroyJ on May 09, 2004 at 13:34:20:

Are bream not easier to catch during spawn?Is that when most of the "meat hunting"is done?How many people will go out during August or January,to fill that creel?I quote,"many more would survive the spawning time,which is when most are taken as food".Would no harvest during spawn mean more bigger fish,as thats when huge numbers will be harvested?Just questions.
You would be surprised how many people,depend on fish to supplement their food intake.They are also the same people who,don't have the boats and equipment you speak of.Surely you have seen the people parked along the river bank as you cruise by.I know many of these people,I'm not one of them by the way,and they won't be hiring a guide.
Troy,I have the same ultimate goal as you.I work with American Whitewater,American Canoe Association,Trout Unlimited,Friends of the Locust Fork,and other preservation organizations.I will not be joining yours,as I see no room for conflicting views.If you can't see the problem with making honest people change,to support the dishonest,you were never taught fairness.You are correct,it would reduce total creel,but it would do so at the expence of honest,citizens,who buy licences,pay taxes,and vote in our state.IMHO that is not the way to solve the problem.It is an enforcement issue.I have benn checked by a warden a total of one time,in 15 years as a licensed fisherman.I will end my side of the debate now,with these final words.If you want to gain mass support,you have to convince the masses.I assure you there are more people who think,as I do.They just aren't as vocal,but they will be when it comes to it.Good luck in your efforts.

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