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Posted by Josh T on May 09, 2004 at 11:02:24:

In Reply to: Re: You've got to be kidding... posted by TroyJ on May 09, 2004 at 09:12:38:

The analogy may be lame but,the thought process is the same.By lowering creels you are punishing the many to try and control the few.I agree totally with your final statement,however you must realize the fight you will have when you attempt to change creel limits.Ask Trout Unlimited,how much opposition they had to the Brown Trout Initiative,on the Hiwasse.I support your ultimate goal,however your statements and methods will alienate many potential allies.The majority don't fish for 10 days straight.They fish maybe one day a month.On that one day,they should be able to take enough fish,to have several meals for their family that month.If this guy has a family of six,like myself,and you limit him to,say 20 bream,he probably doesn't have enough for a single meal.Therefore,he won't like a new creel limit.This is what I mean by alienating potential allies.Instead of changing the creel,how about no fishing during the spawn?I bet that would be bad for business,huh?Its been done,and it works.Changing regulations,affect different people in different ways.Enforcing current regulations,only affect the lawless.Why not propose that all out of state liscence fees go directly to the conservation dept for additional enforcement officers,stocking,etc...The creel limit is always the first thing people want to change,ie my reference to gun control,instead of educating and enforcing,we go for the quick fix.If they are breaking the creel limit at 50,they'll do it at 20.I'm the one punished,and the poachers still get their freezer full.That's not fair is it?

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